Androgel Advice?

I have access to Androgel. What is a safe doseage? How long can I be on this?

Ever heard of reading the medical literature that comes with drug purchases?

Ever hear of going to a doctor for a medical condition that warrants drug use?

Ever hear of being an asshole?

Medical literature produced by the staff of pharmaceutical companies (medical writers, MDs, pharmacologist, scientists) is better than any of the stuff you’ll find here and it’s given to you for a reason along with your purchase.

Doctors prescribe medicine, not us.

Medicine is used for medical conditions.

How am I an asshole for suggesting you read product literature and see a doctor for medical treatment and for not treating the use of medication as some sort of take-or-leave-it sort of activity.

Just you asking how long can it be taken would give any well informed person the assumption that you don’t even havve a medical condition that warrants the use of Androgel.

How long can it be taken by hypogonadl men? Forever.

What are clinical dosages? 5, 7.5, and 10 grams per day.

I took Androgel for nine years, used Testim this past month, and will get Testopel implants next Friday.