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Androgel 5 Grams Enough?


My doc started me on 5 grams of androgel a day. I don't think this will be enough so I don't want to wait too long to do a blood test to see if it is the right dose or not.

How long does it take to reach baseline level with Androgel?

I would like to test after about 8 days. Does anybody know if this will be long enough to get a general idea if I am on the right dose or not?

Thanks in advance...


Eight days is fine for transdermals. [But increasing E2 and SHGB levels have FT and E2 levels as still moving targets.] Your TT results will determine how much a-gel you need or if you are a non-absorber. Some who test early will show promising results before they undergo skin changes that block absorption.

If you have very low levels on 5 grams a-gel, do not double up, go to self injections and get thyroid levels checked; TSH, FT3, FT4. Transdermal T non absorption is a symptom of hypothyroidism.


Thanks again KSman...your the best!