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Androgel - 1st Time

I had testicular cancer - stage 1 thank God! Now after the radiation therapy etc…I am ready to get back in shape and need some advice.

I have very low T and my doctors have decided on Androgel. First started out at 5mg/day - not good. Now on 10mg/day and feel great again. But am hugely overweight from not working out etc…I need to start from the ground up. Looking for some advice? What should I do/not do with Androgel? Weights/Cardio everyday?

Appreciate any input.

Looks like you need to use this newly found testosterone to get a good lifting/cardio program going.

The Androgel is great, but if you are extremely overweight, it won’t produce an overnight miracle.

Go on a high protein, calorie restrictive diet, workout plan and you could be rocked in 9-12 months time.

I’ll let some of the former fat guys fill you in on details.