Androgel 10mg: Body Fat Loss?

Hey, just wondering about my androgel regiment. I’m on 10mg / day and was wondering how long before the weightloss and lean body mass differences were to take. so far first five mo have been slow. I watch my diet and workout five to six days a week. any info would be great. also what supplements would help. I recently started a stack program…

If you can include your labs that would be great. There are many things involved in fat loss (thyroid, cortisol levels,estrogen levels). So you just increasing testosterone may not even lead to fat loss especially if it is being converted into E2 (which can lead to gynecomastia). Hormones are complicated…the best thing to do is get a full hormone panel (sex hormones, thyroid hormones, adrenal hormones, pituitary hormones) and figure out if anything is actually wrong.

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