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Androdiol and the FDA

Well, enough talk about that faggot hippie weed that stinks like cow manure, and turns men into passive zombies with nice tits. Let’s talk about 4-androstenediol instead. It is now a known fact that 4-AD is an androgenic steroid. The same is true of DHEA and androstenedione as well, even though they are weak. But 4-androstenediol is not weak, it is a metabolite of testosterone, and is more androgenic than testosterone. The molecular formula for testosterone is C19/H28/O2, the molecular formular for 4-androstenediol is C19/H30/O2. My question is: if 4-androstenediol is legal, why isn’t testosterone? Why is the FDA allowing certain androgens to be sold over the counter and not others? Do you think the legality of the several legal androgenic steroids (“prohormones”) will last? Any thoughts?

The issue is the law, and fortunately the
government happens to be taking the law
seriously in this case, rather than bending
it to suit social purposes. I suppose this
is because they do not really care very
much about the issue.

The law, specifically the Controlled Substances
Act, is very specific in listing what compounds
are illegal. 4-AD and nor-4-AD are not among them. It also allows unnamed compounds to be
legally considered to be banned “anabolic
steroids” should they be chemically and
pharmacologically similar to testosterone
and to be anabolic.

The thing here is that results on a rat are
not taken to be proof that the compound
is anabolic in the legal sense.

There is also legitimate question as to what
it means for something to be anabolic. Something that adds muscle only if resistance
training is done and a high protein diet is
consumed and excess calories are consumed, but does nothing significant by itself under normal conditions of exercise and diet, arguably is
not itself anabolic. In any case, while there
has been talk of the government attempting
to prove androstenedione (not diol) is anabolic, and good luck on that, so far as
I know that’s either on the slow boat or
going nowhere at all.

Basically, the compounds are legal under
the existing law, are not hurting people,
and the focus of the government is on
other things, this being a very low priority
issue not causing any public harm (though
there have been gyno cases from androstenedione.)

Thanks for the response, Bill. But isn’t 4-androstenediol pharmacologically similar to testosterone and anabolic? Both you and Brock have said that it is. Other sources have said the same. At a medical website, it gave a medical dictionary definition of 4-androstenediol as an “androgenic steroid.”

Bill, can you recommend a medical book or other medical source other than supplement companies that I can read and learn more about 4-androstenediol? In every medical book I have checked, the only natural androgens listed or talked about are testosterone, androstenedione, dihydrotestosterone, dehydroepiandrosterone, and androsterone. If you could direct me to a medical source of information about 4-androstenediol, I would be very appreciative.