AndroDerm vs AndroGel, Which Is More Effective?

Can the people who have used these tell me which ones they had better effects with? I changed to the patch because I don’t want to have gel transferring on my wife and it’s a pain to shower after you just put it on if you want to have sex. I don’t want to be ontop and sweat testosterone all over her. She’ll grow a beard! lol

But in all seriousness is AndroDerm a decent brand for testosterone replacement?

Thanks so much everyone, I appreciate your comments and opinions.

I have used both, had good results at first, and then I stopped absorbing the medication (theory that poor absorption is linked to Hypothyroidism).

I had the same concerns, plus the mess, volume, or the rash from the patches - or shaving areas so that I could apply them. shots are much easier imo.