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Androderm Dosage?

Hi guys, 44 yar old male with hypothyroid…

I have been on androgel 1.62 for about a year at 2 actuations. Unknown what my level is. Before trt, I was at 250. I went on one pump and it went down to 198. I went up to 2 pumps but never got tested. Felt better in some ways, not really sure.

Anyways, I am out of Androgel and am going to the VA in 10 days to get it on their system. My friend gave me his androderm 4mg patches to hold me over till then. Should I use 1 patch per day or two to “equal” my androgel dose.

Now, that I type this I realize how friggin crazy it sounds. ut I am concerned what the doc at the VA will say when I tell her I have been on the patch for two weeks instead of my androgel. I guess I could kick another 400 bucks to CVS for the androgel but I’d rather not.

Any advice?

Topical T seems to be a mixed bag, especially if you aren’t getting E2 tested.

Consider injections and another round of bloodwork including E2.

400$ seems very high for that. Have you considered costco pharmacy? They are very cheap on generics, no membership required.

Typically hypothyroid men so not absorb the gels well at all. Also, gels have the highest T->E conversion. Not good.

You are not absorbing and docs do not understand the problem that occurs with thyroid issues.

Ask to self inject.

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