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New to this web site. Alot of info, hard to weed through so asking for help. Sorry so long!

I am 38yrs, 5’6" and weigh 125 with small frame. Been lifting many years, but have fibromyalgia that keeps me from the gains I’m looking for.
2 years ago when all the hype about andro came about, I tried Androdiol™ 100 mg, once a day. I increased my protein up to about 80-100 gram and took creatine. During this 6 months period I gained increadable muscle mass(and fat too)consuming about 3000-3500 calories a day(too much)
Not only did I see the type of gains I wanted to see after lifting 10 years, my symptoms of fibromyalgia disappeared! Also had been suffering from NO libido, and this was deffinately better! After I failed to menstrate one month(no chance of pregnancy), I got nervous about the side affects and stopped taking ando. Within 2 months I was so crippled up with fibromyalgia, I didn’t lift for 2.5 months.

Lost 10 lbs of muscle over the next 8 months and suffered through severe fibro flare ups until recently.
Started to think of the connection of fibro remission and the andro. Fially went to Endocrinologist to talk about how I felt during the time I was taking andro. At this point, back to having NO libido.
He was very supportive and recommended that I go back on and he would monitor me. Blood test showed that my free testosterone was < .60(non-existant)
I will be returning after 8 weeks to retest free testosterone. He feels that I don’t have to cycle this dose. I asked him about checking my liver for chronic use damage, and he didn’t think it was neccesary, just to watch for the tell-tale signs.
I feel he is somewhat knowledgable about andro but need advice as to possible damage to organs and how to test for it.
It’s been 2 months, and just this week I had no less than 10 people say how good I look(muscularly) My fibro symptoms have dropped from 100% down to 20%!!!
Any input? or guide me to the links I need to read. THANKSSSSSS!!!

I can understand why the Andro might decrease your symptoms but what I can’t understand is why your doc would recommend andro in the first place. Low dose testosterone therapy would probably be a much better option as would 4-Androstendiole.