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I have used creatine, protein, and glutamine, but I want to try one of the andro products now. I do a fair amount of cardio. I just would like to get some size and strength back while hopefully becoming more cut. I went into GNC today, and the guy had a lot to say about MAG10. I just don’t know that I want to spend that much on andro yet, so he pointed to Pinnacle’s Androstat Poppers. Can somebody tell me what they think of these or any other andro products? Also, are there any side effects to be concerned about? Thanks a whole lot for any help.

You’ll pay a LOT less for your supplements if you order them online. Look around! The only reason to go to GNC is if you run out of something and are desperate, or they have a huge sale on mega-buckets of protein powder and you want to save a buck or two on shipping costs for heavy items (even then it works out about even). If you remember this simple phrase, it will serve you well throughout your lifting career: “GNC SUCKS”.

“The Pro-Steroid Roundtable” at T-Mag should help you out and also the “MAG-10 FAQ”. If you’re thinking of using andro, MAG-10 or 4-AD-EC is the only way to go.

It’s been said a million times before, and it applies here. You get what you pay for. Mag-10 is worth every penny. Hell, it’s worth 3 times what they charge. Do yourself a favor and save money buying it on the web.

Oh, and Andro Poppers have been talked about before. Use the search engine.

Okay, it sounds like MAG 10 is the way to go and now that I see how much less expensive it is here on the web I am beginning to reconsider. Would it be in my best interest to just go ahead and get one of the special stacks offered here? Thanks again!

The special stacks that they have been offering through the Biotest website lately have been awesome. It might be worth your time to wait and see what the next couple are. You’ll want to get some Tribex and “M” to follow up your cycle with, so it would be worth waiting to see if you could get a deal on them. Either way, Biotest’s T-Man prices are pretty competitive with any of their approved distributors these days.

However, if you choose to go that way, I’ve been happy with netrition.com. I’ve found that dpsnutrition.com is often out of stock on most items.

Also, before starting, read the articles mentioned, as well as typing in relevant issues into the search engine forum like front loading and dieting.