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andro vs nandro

I have finish my first cycle of androsol 3 weeks ago. I’m ready to start again next week but I was wondering if nandrosol is better? I found a site with great biotest product and they still have nandrosol. It’s more expensive so is it better? Thank you in advance!

There are individual differences in whether
Nandrosol gives somewhat better results than Androsol; the same; or the other way around. Most probably get about the same results. Informally, when we asked readers who had tried both about it, Nandrosol was more often picked as the more effective but there were quite a few who were convinced it was the other way around for them.

So you would probably not want to pay the money for increased efficacy in your own case: might be so (it is for me, for example) but also might not.

The main advantages are that acne can be a problem for some Androsol users but Nandrosol is much milder in this regard, and also, Nandrosol is not a CNS stimulant, or is not much of one, so for those users who have trouble with sleeping to a bothersome degree
while on Androsol (a minority) Nandrosol is preferable.

How old are you? There’s been some anecdotal evidence that Nandro is better in older guys. Personally, I prefer mixing the two into a 50/50 solution and going that route. Saves money and seems to yield equal results (at least in my 39-year-old body).

I’m 39. and verry pleased with how the andro worked. The main reason I was asking is that nandro was 20$ more so I thought bigger the price better the product ( since there both made by biotest)The andro bottle says 2 weeks on 4 weeks off that is on full dosage is this a little conservetive or is this right on the mark and why? thanks again!

If you’re happy with the Andro, then there probably isn’t much reason to change. On the other hand, given your age, you might get even better results with Nandro or a combination. Why not give it a shot for one cycle and see? You’ll learn something in any case. And as for cycling, I would stick with the recommended off-time. Just my 2 cents…

I’m 35, and had my best results with a 50/50 mix. Actually I spray one bottle on half my body, and the other one on the other half. I got the best results from this over either of the two alone. My cycle is 3 weeks on, one off, 2 on, 3-4 off. Tribex (and now vitex) throughout the cycle.

BTW, anybody know if it’s OK to mix the two products into one bottle?

The reason for the higher cost is that
the materials cost far more for Nandrosol
than Androsol. So much more, in fact, that
financial consultants ultimately determined that, once overhead costs were properly figured in, Nandrosol was actually a money-loser, which is why it isn’t manufactured anymore.

If no agents are being used to increase natural testosterone production during off weeks, and many cycles are being done back to back, then four weeks off between each two weeks on is best. Actually, even if recovery agents are being used, over the long term I think it’s preferable to be “on” only 1/3 of the time.

Over the shorter haul such as a matter of months, though, if recovery agents (e.g. Clomid, or Tribex + Vitex (e.g. the Solaray brand at 400 mg/day) or Tribex + M) are used then off weeks may be shortened to one or two.

Alternately, if recovery agents are used,
cycles may be as long as 8 weeks, but then this should be followed by 8-16 weeks off to keep the “off” time up to at least half or preferably 2/3.

Or, Nandrosol can be used in a morning only protocol (as can Androsol) in which case recovery agents aren’t needed, and off times could be reduced I think.

Thanks! you’ve been verry helpful

Yes, it’s fine to mix the two into one bottle. That’s what I’ve done most of the time, and is now my preferred method.