Andro raises estrogen?

I know this probably should have gone in the steroid forum but thought I could get better insight on it here.

I get the MSN health newsletter and although sometimes it is a bit off, it does have some interesting diet, training, and general health news. However, one of the latest articles talked about how Andro actually raises estrogen and not Testosterone. Can this be true or another ephedra style witch hunt?

I would imagine the “andro” they are talking about was the original (read: first) one that got all the hype but was essentially worthless. But yes, this is true because this “andro” more readily converted to estrogen than it did to any favorable of the more anabolic/androgenic hormones.

The article sounded like it might be outdated or the writer is using outdated information–possibly intentionally–because no remotely informed person buys that stuff anymore.

Quite true. The old androsteneDIONE can be aromatized to estrogen and reduced to DHT. AndrosteneDIOL (such as 4-AD) can not. Of course the resultant higher level of testosterone is fair game for aromatization and reduction.

i believe 4-ad can convert to estrogen, just less likely when compared to skanky old andro.
The study in question is old (JAMA. 1999;281:2020-2028 that’s june '99) so its not exactly ground breaking stuff for most folk round here.
if you are taking a prohormone stick to 4-ad-ec or mag10 (both biotest) or a good 1-ad (if your game)