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Andro Question For The Biotest Staff

 As a manufacturer of several andro products, Biotest obviously has a major  interest in the future legality of this supplement. In a recent magazine article, another andro producer mentioned that the government may render a decision about its legal status in the Fall. Since that is only a few months away, please give us the scoop. Is this supplement likely to be banned despite its good safety record, or do you think that it will remain a legal product? Moreover, would a ban encompass all of the derivatives and delivery methods?

YES!! Please let us know so I can stock up if I need to. With that in mind what is the shelf-life of this stuff?

There really is no telling. However our assumption is that we will continue to be able to sell 4-AD and nor-4-AD, and even if not,
will most likely be able to sell our new stuff.
The likelihood is that if there’s a ban, it
will be of specific substances that the
FDA has already looked into.

In the case of narcotics (which these surely
are not) the government does employ broad bans which also make illegal substances with the same activity that are similar to
the specifically banned substances. However,
except for narcotics, that is not the general practice: bans tend to be specific.

This is just my opinion and I am not a legal
expert. But I do know that we are going ahead on the belief we are perfectly OK legally.