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Andro Products

This is a question for the experts at T-mag - How long do andro products stay in ones system after a cycle? For example- Mag-10 or any dionne or diol. In certain powerlifting federations these products are banned and you will fail a drug test if it is found to be in your system. I appreciate any info provided. Thanks

Different products will differ. Which ones are you asking about? Most clear quickly.
Ones with nor-4-AD may leave traces for a long time. Ones with androst-1-ene (aka “1-test”) probably last a long time but so far as I know this is not being tested for as yet.

how long before mag-10 clears out?

4-AD is naturally present in the body and so 4-AD from the 4-AD-EC in MAG-10 cannot be determined to be the result of taking anything provided levels have fallen sufficiently. One week should suffice.

The androst-1-ene is naturally occurring
only in trace quantities, so if it were
tested for then I’d suppose failure could
occur for months after MAG-10 use. As of yet
I don’t think it is.