andro or norandro

I was wondering if someone could explain to me the differences between andro and norandro. I have seen that Biotest makes both topical sprays and was thinking about trying it out. Yes, I eat about 4500-5000 calories a day, I train 1-1.5 hours six days a week, get plenty of sleep, and don’t drink a six pack of beer everynight. Have my doubts because I have only been training for a year now, but they just won’t get off my mind. So what do you think?

They work in the same way with regard to building muscle: stacking doesn’t give any synergy.

There can be moderate differences between individuals as to which works better at a given dose, but it’s not consistent and the difference when it exists isn’t large.

The main differences are that 4-AD is a CNS stimulant, which can be good in terms of aggression in the gym but a small percentage of people have significant sleep problems because of it (a larger percentage find it harder to go to sleep but not enough to be a problem); 4-AD increases libido whereas nor-4-AD does not; and 4-AD can sometimes cause some (usually minor) temporary acne while nor-4-AD is much less prone to this.

Nandro-sol and Andro-sol topical sprays contain different ingredients. Nandrosol is 19-nor-4-androstene-3, 17-diol. Androsol is 4-androstenediol. According to “Effects of Anabolic Precursors on Serum Testosterone Concentrations and Adaptations to Resistance Training in Young Men” (lots of Drs.)from the Intl J Sports Nutr Exer Metab (2000);, 4-androstenediol = most effective for money, produces higher testosterone levels w/ almost no estrogen conversion. 19-norandrostenediol = Very difficult to convert to estrogen, minimal side effects, less skin and hair problems; can interfere w/ erectil function in some men.
Both seem to be effective and accepted, but to what end, perhaps someone else can elaborate? The MAG-10 product contains 4-androstenediol (w/ ethylcarbonate ester and 17-hydroxyandrost-1-ene-3-one ethylcarbonate ester).

Oh yeah,
How in the world are you guys ingesting 4500 cals per day? How much Protein? I attemp 3000 per day with 225 gs of protein, and always have stomach aches! Also, you can get the Mag-10 for discount in quantity, plus dont forget the Tribex-500 for the two-week off cycle. Read the Mag-10 articles in the last few issues of T-mag, and check out the other posts. On my second cycle of the Mag-10, I am seeing results by folling the recommended dosage/routine. Best of Luck.


WOW, dinosaur, you’re training 1+1/2 hours a day, 6 days a
week; you animal! Therory/(fact?) has it, that we actually
“grow” when we’re not training. So, if you’re training 6 days
a week, then how many days are you growing …1! The extent
of your workouts/(over-training?) is well beyond that
which andro/norandro can do for you!

The reason motivated people (e.g., dynosar13) tend to drastically over-train their first 5-7 years is that if they feel they're not doing anything ... they're not doing anything; and we know that this not true! dynosar, your muscles may not be over-trained, but your CNS is probably fried!

Advice: Take a week off. Then adopt a training split that has you training "no more" then 4 days a week for no more then 1hr. Can almost guarantee that this will start you growing again soon ... perhaps, "of dinosaur proportions...?"

I strongly believe that it's best to find out how your body responds to training "naturally" first before adding any androgens; one year is just not enough time for this! In the long run, you'll be cheating yourself out of a valuable learning experience!

P.S. I’m not against Androsol (I use and “love” this product).
I just don’t believe that you’re ready for it yet. Wait another
6 to 12 months … just a suggestion! PEACE!

I had much success with Androsol mixed with Finaplix-H. I know this post is in reference to the differences between Androsol and Nandrosol, but I wanted to comment on what I got the best results from. I was using Androsol twice daily (70 sprays each time) and using Tribex (4 pills per day) and it made a huge difference. My test levels got so high I actually broke out with acne all over my back and chest. The acne wasn’t cool but my workouts were for sure. When I cycled off the acne went away. I’d use the Androsol and the tribex together…that is what worked for me.

Bill - I always stacked Androsol with Nandrosol (35 sprays each).
I did this because I “thought” the body only had a limited amount of
enzymes to convert pro-hormones. So, by stacking 2 totally different
compounds (at half the amount ea.), I would get a higher conversion
rate. I “guess” I was wrong!? (Boley)

Hey Joey, I appreciate your comments, but I guess I failed to tell that I train on body part a day, and I switch it up a little every six weeks or so. Thanks though, and yes I am pretty sure that I am going to wait a little longer, I just couldn’t get the shit off of my mind.

Boley, yes, I’m sorry to say it doesn’t work that way. First, about 80-90% of the effectiveness of Androsol or Nandrosol seems due to the 4-AD or nor-4-AD themselves, not to conversion. And second, the conversion in either case is by the same enzyme, 3bHSD (3beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase, which converts the OH group to a keto group, an oxygen (O) without the hydrogen (H)).

Thanks Bill - That was very helpful!