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Andro/Norandro HELP

Hey guys, I need some serious advice. I am interested in losing my love handles and am thinking about using T2 (I can’t use MD6 because I must stay away from caeffeine). In order to help preserve muscle, I am considering getting on an Andro/Norandro cycle while on T2 and a restricted diet. Unfortunately, I cannot afford all Biotest product because I am a poor student. I currently use Surge and will buy some T2 because Biotest is the only company that makes these great unique products. Which leaves me to buy my andro/norandro stuff from somewhere else because of cost. I ran across Stenandiol by German American Technologies which is a 30 day kit. Apparently it comes with cycling instructions and 3 different types of tablets:

  1. First bottle (each tablet):
    *5-a Androstenediol 50mg
    *4-Androstenediol 50mg

  2. Second bottle (each tablet):
    *19-Nor-4-Androstenediol 50mg
    *19-Nor-4-Androstenedione 50mg

  3. Third bottle (each tablet):
    *Tribulus terrestris 1,000 mg

I am not sure what the cycle is, I haven’t seen the instructions. I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice on whether this stuff sounds good or not!! Thanks guys!

Stenandiol is a joke! Either use a high-quality topical, like Androsol, or nothing at all. In fact, you’ll be much better off using just Androsol, and not Nandrosol (to save $), than you would wasting money on Stenandiol or garbage like it.

If I had to choose between Androsol and T2 because of cost concerns, I’d definitely opt for the Androsol and spend another $10 on ephedrine to diet effectively

Why must you stay off caffeine? Just interested.

The first guy is right, forget the stenadiol. Drop the surge and go with T2 and Androsol, read Bernardi’s diet articles and go from there. You should see some progress with that. If you want the cycle to last for 4 weeks, go 35 sprays 2x day and 3-4 caps of T2 per day. Good luck.

I have to stay away from caffeine (sp?) because I have acid reflux disease.