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Andro Gel and No Libido?


anyone having problems with this? androgel for 5 mo from injections. i have great energy and upbeat but no libido


What does "androgel for 5 mo from injections" mean?

Sounds like it could be an E2 issue (or you are not absorbing it)...did you get T and E2 bloodwork?


have you read through the stickies?
have you tested your E2 levels?
have you tested your T levels? what about TSH? etc. etc. etc.


I've been experiencing this. I think like PureChance is saying above, it could be E2 or something else. After you've been on Androgel for awhile and you get regular blood tests, it may be easier to troubleshoot what the issue is. I feel OK on Androgel, and can function sexually pretty well, but it hasn't done a lot for my libido or to give me many spontaneous erections when the hot ladies walk by, etc... Sometimes beig on TRT feels like you are spinning plates in the circus. You have to keep going back down the line checking everything to make sure it's dialed in!