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Andro-d Gel, is This for Real?


I am starting to think that I need something to give myself a kick in the ass to help me with my training. Blood work shows that my T levels are in the lower third of normal and the doc hasn't agreed to any HRT, yet. He wanted to try different things like diet changes first. (WTF??????)

Currently I am supplementing with ZMA, BCAA and Trib. I like what is happening with the ZMA. I'm sleeping better than I have in years and my BP has gone down about 10 points across the board. I bought amy BCAA and Trib over the counter nd don't feel like much is happening with these.

Looking around I stumbled on to this site:


Is this stuff for real or is it another scam? Has anyone tried or uses this stuff? If yes, how did it work for you?



If you are not buying Alpha Male or TRIBEX, you might not be taking much Trib. A lot of Tribulus on the market contains far less than the label states.


The site you reference is bogus. The "main" ingredient in that is DHEA. The only "Andro" (which by the way is illegal now) is in the name. If you want to take DHEA (don't expect a lot) go to GNC and buy a bottle of it. It is far cheaper.


Yeah god forbid your doctor tries to make you healthy bbefore sticking you on drugs for the rest of your life.


Drugs are bad mmmkay...


To be up front on this, I am not be big on taking pills or running to the doc for a pharmacological answer to everything.

My concerns on this are well thought out. The key issues here are my test levels are in the lower third of what they should be for a guy my age. I have noticed a slow down in the gym, I gain weight easily and can't seem to loose it where in the past this was never an issue. My post work out recovery takes much more time than before. I eat clean and work out hard. All in all I am pretty healthy. But the issues cited above coupled with the low test numbers have me concerned.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I have never heard of increasing test levels by diet.