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andro ban

i just heard a vicious rumor that gnc is pulling all their andro based products in anticipation of a ban. anybody know of any pending legislation or bans similar to the ephedra ban?

Does that even make sense? If an impending ban was forthcoming and if I was GNC, I would be pushing andros trying to get them out of my inventory (or try to return it to the manufacture). Plus, if the ban was true, we would be buying the stuff up like crazy and the price would be increased and GNC would put the stuff on shelves.

Makes no sense…

You’re right Bedz, but they did the same thing when the ephedra ban was going to happen as well. Shortly after the Orioles pitcher died the GNC I used to frequent (franchised, private owner) pulled all of it’s ephedra based xenedrine and ripped fuel off of the shelves.

There must be some Federal compensation or incentives for these stores to do this instead of rake in all the dough that can be made.


Actually they have discounted them to get them out the door. Mag-10 was on sale for $64.

gnc is run by crab people. it is an evil conspiracy to take over the world!

Didn’t Chris Shugart already hint to this? He stated that all prohormones will be banned eventually. Just like ephedra was. He says it wasn’t a “marketing ploy” when he said to “stock up on Mag 10 while you can”.

gnc did this same thing before ephedra was
banned. About six months before Betalean
was like $8.00 a bottle. I went in one day and
bought six bottles the clerk tried to talk me out of buying it said it was bad for me. I told her I use a bottle a week. So the next week
I went in with my eyes bloodshot hair all wild
and bought some more. The clerk said I should
go see a doctor. GNC is the Feds whore.

I have heard that this was coming around the March-April time frame. Only RUMORS right now, I tried going to the FDA.gov website and didn’t find anything on this. If I find out any more I will post it.

GNC is pulling all its andro from the shelves by march 1 but, according to the clerk they’re not ordering anymore shipments of any andro product between now and then. on the plus side a bottle of mag10 is $49 (gold card discount)

The guy at my GNC said they weren’t allowed to sell Mag-10 and other prohormones any more. They can probably sell what’s in stock but can’t order more.

Hmmm… haven’t seen the Vitamin Shoppe doing this yet. And they were one of the first ones to jump out of the ephedra bandwagon back in June, way before the Orioles pitcher bit the dust.

Details to follow…

According to the GNC I go to they will stop selling andro products by the end of feburary.

This is beyond idiotic.

All the govt worry over some, as they spin it, “related” deaths over the span of 5-10 years.

Most of which were never positively proven to stem from supplements, while the rest were caused by serious abuse or misuse of a product.

All the while in 2002 alone, 17,000 deaths occurred that were DIRECTLY linked to alcohol induced car crashes.
17,000+ in ONE YEAR.

If the commercial power pyramid was flipped and the SuperBowl was sponsored by Biotest instead of Coors you’d have no issues with Mag-10 or Ephedra…BUT there would be a giant legistlative outcry to ban booze.

Its all about who has the BIG BUCKS.
And who greases Washington pockets.

All the supp companies need to change R&D gears now and get ready for the avalanche of bans out of DC.