Andro and the Immune System

Since I’ve been sick this week (to top off my wrist injury) I’ve thus been unable to train. That has thus made me contemplate the use of androgens to preserve my LBM (mainly 1-ad). Researching it on google brought about two websites…one that stated anabolic steroids lower immunoglobin levels (what prevents us from getting sick) but raises Natural Killer cell levels…so it helps in one way and is counter-productive in another. Another website stated that androgens will increase your immune system, but when you come off your immune system might be weakend if you pusn yourself too hard.
This makes quite a bit of sense b/c it was right after I stopped taking 1-ad that this virus hit me…so my thoughts are that I should probably start taking some 1-ad…probably 300mg/day as of Monday to both preserve LBM and help my immune system. Any thoughts?

Bump. I’m sure some of you know something on this?

For the most part AAS improves your immune system. It is the opposite of cortisone steroids, which is used to stiffle immune responce in conditions such as allergy, asthma, Iritable bowel, organ transplant, e.t.c.

My personaly experience is that while on AAS I am rarely sick, and when I do get a cold, it lasts less than a week.
I also have not noticed much of a difference when off cycle either.

Remember the most important practice to staying well, is frequent handwashing. You want to prevent infective agents from accessing a portal of entry. Most sickness is due to hand to mouth contact transmision.