Andro and Hair Loss

I’m taking an andro combination of 19-norandrodiol 100mg, 4-androstenediol 60mg, 4-androstenediol 60mg, and 5-androdiol 30mg and I am very concerned about hair loss. In fact, I feel like my scalp is itchier and have been seeing a good amount of hair loss already after 8 days of using this andro combination. Should I be concerned and if so what products do you suggest to combat this?

Hey man (whats up with the name by the way?) – that hair loss doesnt sound good. You can take Propecia and also use Nizoral shampoo. I have read lots of postives about using these products. And do it now! These products prevent more hair loss but I doubt they will grow new hair.

It’s really not the best idea to take finasteride (“Propecia” or “Proscar”) with 19-Nor-4-AD. Very simply put, to the extent that particular prohormone converts to Nandrolone (nortestosterone), finasteride will encourage the production of dihydronandrolone in the scalp, which itself results in hair loss. Assuming you actually are experiencing increased hair loss – I don’t mean to sound rude, but I’ve seen a lot of people imagine this effect – I’d suggest dropping the 19-Nor-4-AD from your stack and then taking finasteride.