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andro -6

has anyone heard of a product called andro-6 i think made by eas. product was turned on to me by personal trainer stating it will get me stronger and ripped. what do you think. will this hurt me dont know much about it.

Not a good product. The prohormones they use are androstenedione and DHEA. Their tribulus is not even standardized for the ingredient that makes tribex so awesome. And the rest of the ingredients aren’t even worth the money. I’ve tried this product 4 years ago when I thought it was the shits, but it didn’t do shit for me.

I believe that EAS stopped making that product awhile back?? anyone

Yet another ridiculous suggestion by a personal trainer. I think the legitimate personal trainers(both of them) should be able to undertake a different job title. “Personal Trainer” recommends Hot StuffXX, Andro 6, Mega Mass 10000, and Horny friggin’ Goat Weed all too often to deserve any respect.

Not to be a jerk, but if you don’t know much about a product, you should be researching it on your own. Just some friendly advice…

I still remember how jacked I got, reading that introductory article on Andro-6 several years ago in Muscle Media. I’d have thought the placebo effect alone would have packed on some muscle. But I got nothing at all – I might have even gotten a little softer on it, thanks to possible estrogen conversion. I’d be shocked if EAS was still making that product, though I do see it loitering on a few shelves here and there. Personal trainers get slammed a lot of this board, but wow, recommending Andro-6… someone needs to catch up on their reading.

Wow! Time to get a different personal trainer. This was a product put out by EAS several years ago, when androstendione was the new thing. It was a combo of andro, DHEA, tribulus terrestis and 3 anti-E, anti-DHT components. A good idea on paper (a few years ago), but a real bad choice now (I’d be shocked if EAS still makes this). Androstendioone has long been labelled ineffective. DHEA has it’s purpose somewhere, but not for elevating hormone levels in most people. And who knows about the tribulis.

The only good DHEA is for is after a “cycle”. Yeah I agree this product is the worst. If you want huge boobs take it. :slight_smile: