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Andriol Worth Taking If Free?

I’ve been reading on the forums that this stuff isn’t even worth taking but if price isn’t a consideration how many mg should a person take a day to see results if nothing else is available for a guy? It’s 40mg caps obviously. I was thinking about 8-10 caps a day. I’ve done a search on the forums and googl for info and not a whole lot comes up regarding doses.

I believe it has around 10% bioavailability making it expensive and impractical as hell when used for anything over HRT doses.

Yea that’s what I’ve read but if the side effects aren’t too bad maybe it’s worth it. I don’t think they will be and cost isn’t an issue would it be viable to do? I know a person would have to take alot to have any effect because of the bioavailability :frowning:

More like 5%, I think.

So in other words, divide your total weekly dose by 20 and that may be a reasonable guess for how it would compare with injectable.

Yikes, That’s definitely not worth the time and hassle then!! Ok thanks guys! I’ll have to find something else then!