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I've been searching this forum as well as others for this cycle. I am 46 y/o, 6'0, 195lbs and looking to add some mass. I've been doing so much research lately, it's getting confusing. I spoke with someone a couple of days ago and they suggested the Andriol/Proviron (although I haven't heard anything good about Andriol) as a good starter for someone who isn't ready to do the needle. Money isn't an issue here. Thanks in advance.



Bump.....Am I asking a completely stupid question? I have to believe there is someone here that can help....

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Test E. and EQ.

Enough said.



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Thanks Bushi. I After I researched Andriol a bit more it was clear it wouldn't do the trick. I've been looking at Anavar as well. I'm at least 6 months away from my first cycle so, I have plenty of time to research and grow naturally.



Quick clarification for me but I'll apologize in advance if this was obvious but it is cold and my brain is frozen. Anyway, were you suggesting just OT for the oral cycle or to substitute the OT for the Andriol but keep the Proviron. The reason I might be confused is I recall in one post someone suggesting an Anavar/Proviron combo. Thanks in advance for clearing this up.


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I would strongly urge an injectable as it is overall healthier and once you do it you will be glad you did.