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Andriol Kidney Pain

was taking andriol a while back, 3 weeks after i stopped taking it i had sharp pains in one kidney area. couldnt take deep breathes for about 18 hours.

nothing i read says there is a connection, but thought to ask if anyone has heard of this. i still have a bunch of andriol- liked the results- but if this kidney thing may be caused by it i wont do it again.

anyone had this problem or heard of andriol affecting the kidneys.

again, might be totally unconnected. i took 7 caps / day for only 5 weeks and didnt feel the pains til 3 weeks after stopping

Is this a prohormone?

Probably belongs in the Steroid forum, not TRT.

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Andriol (oral testosterone) isn’t supposed to be very liver toxic, but I’ve never seen anything at all regarding kidney toxicity. What was your dosage?