Andriol Good for Older Guys?

oral test good for me i hope…

For TRT or for performance enhancement? I generally think it’s crap for either.

Due to andriol’'s very low bioavailability you’d have to take something like 400mg per DAY to notice any muscle gain. If you’re just looking to take a replacement therapy dose it’s a bit more reasonable, but still your daily dose will have to be about as much as you’d take in a whole week if you just injected instead.

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Testocaps supposed to be good. Im 52 so anything would help.

It’s testosterone undecanoate, which taken orally is an extremely inefficient delivery method because you hardly absorb any of it. And the more efficient kinds of oral test (i.e. methylated) are too liver toxic to take long term. Thats why people who are serious about TRT, like myself, don’t mess with oral test.

You’re welcome to do whatever you want with your body, but unless you take a lot of it I doubt you will get any benefit. Keep in mind that it doesn’t just add to your natural test production, any exogenous test will shut you down so you need to be getting enough to replace what you already produce and then some, if you want any benefit at all out of it.

You can inject 150/wk and feel like a fucking superhero, or you can take 120mg (3 testocaps) per DAY and maaaaaybe get some benefit. Your choice.

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Ive taken andriol straight out of Italian pharmacy while in navy, it comes on a thick casing to let it bypass stomach and dissolve in intestines. If you can get andriol then you can prob get get Sustanon, it one tenth the price and much more effective, Sustanon is the one drug i can tell is bunk within a week, even once every two weeks effective as test undeconate will build up in system. Back then a bottle of andriol 16 bucks last two weeks, Sustanon under 2 bucks a shot do the math


i think the only time to take andriol is when you’ve got to worry about a drug test.

Then why do they sell it still???

because people will buy anything…

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