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Andriol for HRT

Hey guys, I started HRT about 1 month ago, taking 40mg Andriol twice daily (once in the morning with a high-fatl meal, and again at dinner with a high-fat meal). Now my doctor has doubled the dosage, so I’m taking in 160mg each day split over two doses. I’ve got a few questions though, and I’d appreciate anyone’s input, even if it’s just opinion.

Would I be better off splitting the 160mg into 4 equally spaced doses throughout the day? From what I understand, Test Undecanoate has a short half-life (6-7h). This is good in a sense because I won’t have to deal with aromatization but it’s also bad because by the time I’m taking my next dose, my levels have already plummeted (I suspect).

I’m also wondering if you guys think I’ll get any anabolic effects from such a low dose. I understand that such a drug requires ~320mg every day to have “cycle-like” effects, but I don’t expect those kinds of results. I’m expecting to gain maybe 1-2 lb of lean tissue, and lose maybe 2 lb of body fat. Does this seem reasonable?

What might happen if instead of 160mg per day, I do 80mg per day for the first half of the month, then do 240mg for the second half? I’d really appreciate any ideas and/or criticisms.

Just in case this matters:
I’m 19 years old, never taken AAS before, and this is now my 4th year training.

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Oh no, I completely agree with you on that one. The intended purpose is what I’m most interested in, I would definitely welcome the anabolic effects. I’m interested in the androgenic effects more than anything and I haven’t noticed anything so far. Any suggestions as to what I should do? Would a topical gel give me better results?

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point taken. I’ll finish off my supply, then I’ll talk to my doctor about the gel. He mentioned that injections were not very convenient because I’d have to go to his office each week to have it done. I’m not sure why I wouldn’t be able to do it myself, but oh well. Anyways, thanks BBB for the input, I appreciate it.