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Andriol Discussion...


Sup everyone. I just ordered some Andriol 40mg tabs and wanted some feedback on what people thought about Andriol, how well it works and so forth. Thanks. Rocker


You have to take a lot of it to work... It is crap apparently. I saw some while I was in mexico and was glad I didn't purchase any. I think you have to take around 240 mgs a day for you to see any thing from it...


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I just started Andriol about 5 days ago for TRT purposes. 160mg (4 caps) once a day. My TRT told me he "revolutionized" the delivery by having his patients consume about 35 grams of olive oil to help absorbtion. Now this "might" work for me but if your going to take caps thru out the day your gonna be saturated with oil:-)


He's going to get the shits for sure, from that much oil. Nasty ones too. Olive oil shits suck.


Sorry. Let me correct what I wrote. My doc advises taking one table and one teaspoon of olive oil with the caps once a day. Thats probably 18grams of oil. I take two tablespoons, which is around 30 grams. I don't know where I came up with 35--brain fart??.
Anyway I have a six month supply. Time will tell.

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Well I use to take alot of test but its been three or four years since I took anything. I'm gonna take 6 pills, 240mg a day for 40 days to see how it goes, its pretty cheap so dont think its a waste. Plus I'm gonna take Stanol 80mg a day with it so who knows. Thanks for the feedback. Rocker