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Andriol 40


I have quite a bit of Andriol 40 on my hands, but am not impressed with its potency when taken orally. Would it be possible to draw the solution out of each capsule and inject it? If so, I could use a lower/week dose. What would you think the half life would be if administered IM?

bad idea
never inject something that is not known to be sterile.

Well considering only 25mg of each cap is actually test (the other 15 being ester) what are your dosages? And as far as pulling the liquid from the capsule, I wouldnt give anyone advice to do that considering they use other oils and things to get it in oral form. I am not positive what injecting these other foreign things would do when injected IM.

Also another bit of advice, I believe you need to be taking Andriol with meals because of the way its absorbed. You will probably see a little more “potency” if you eat it with meals.

– How about some more information on yourself. Age, Height, Weight, Goals, BF%, Years Training…


I’m 25, 5’10", 205lbs.

I’ve been training for 10 years now. I am by no means a newbie when it comes to cycling, but I believe A40 contains caster oil no?

And I believe it is sterile, Organon usualy produces sterile products, so I would suspect the same quality even in these orals. I have been taking it with meals, but I still find it a little weak. What I’m really looking for here is an alternative to prop…something in and out quickly with hopefully less pain.

Andriol 40 was more made for an oral alternative to HRT. Thats why the dosage is so low per capsule. Since it has only 25mg/cap of real test, why would you inject such a small dose? And even taking it orally you have to consider people are taking 500+mg of test/wk. How many do you take/day?


I would still take 4-6 a day, I would just inject daily.

[quote]sir liftalot wrote:
I would still take 4-6 a day, I would just inject daily.[/quote]

Unfortunately dude, they are mostly worthless. I tried taking shitloads of them and they didn’t do anything. And as someone else pointed out, it might not be safe to inject em.

My advice is to get some test and you can run your andriol with it so it doesnt go to waste.

Just dont try to pull the test out of the capsules.