Andrey Malanichev 500kg Squat

Make up your mind atg or quarter squat?


Hahaha not just blessed with good strength gains ay Vince :joy:

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Malanichev has landed in Frankston, Australia. Seemingly no pressure on the big Russian as he takes a stroll on the beach and sips on his coffee.

1 week out from Big Dogs 2.

+WR Hype

“BOOM. World Record. All day long. Be Humble.” Brad Dingleberry, Multiple World Record Holder.

Live Stream apparently. Sunday 15 October, 1pm local (AEST)

Starts in 30mins


1st Attempts

  • Clean 410kg for Eric Lilliebridge

  • Malanichev walks out shaky and squats an even shakier 450kg with an uncharacteristically obvious sticking point

2nd Attempts

  • Easy 455kg for Eric Lilliebridge

  • Malanichev selects 470kg and it moves faster and cleaner, with barely perceptible slow down, than his first attempt

3rd Attempts

Lilliebridge looks to snatch first from Malanichev with an ambitious 480kg attempts. Descends and drives up. More than enough speed to finish to the lift as he blasts up out of the hole.

He slows but it’s not enough to stop the American.

Everyone present feels a roaring cheer build up.

Instead a collectively groan as Eric Lilliebridge misses a seemingly guaranteed squat losing balance forwards. Excruciatingly close to taking the lead

Malanichev true to form asks for 490kg. Another five kilogram squat PR on last year’s 485 is loaded onto the bar and the big Russian steps up. The walk out is shaky but with a breath he braces until all is still. In characteristic fashion he drives out of the hole.

It’s the first squat all over again as he seems to hit the biggest sticking point in history. He tries to grind thru but no one grinds thru 490kg not even Malanichev. Things haven’t seemed to go to plan for the Russian with a grindy sticky first attempt sapping his energy and his other squats looking “off”.

The contest seems to have opened up. With squats not going to plan Malanichev, not the biggest bencher around, gives the other lifters a chance to make up ground.


After missing it on his second Alex “The God” Simon steps up to 435kg again and successful matches the Australian Squat Record set just moments before by Gawain Johnstone

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Uncomfortably close for the current world record holder. Big money’s at stake going into final benches and deadlift


Man your making this interesting. Keep updating

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Updated results with third bench attempts in. Malanichev leads by 20kg after squats did not go as planned, leaving his total so far 20kg lighter than he’d like.

If he is still looking to beat his 1140kg WR he’ll need a massive/impossible 425kg pull. $40 000 is on the line here and with that much food at stake I can’t see him taking risks.

The Russian is not known for taking his deadlift to the max. In the past conservative pulls have been enough to round out and add polish onto new world records. Will not be enough today tho.

If everything works properly out for him Malanichev may take his third attempt with the intention of breaking the all time world record total raw w/wraps.

Meanwhile the competition for second place is tight with four lifters looking to be able to have a crack at it. A missed lift here could end the competition for second place for any of these men.

  • Alex Simon pulled 400 recently in training. In only his second powerlifting meet the Australian is right in there after a huge 260kg bench

  • Shawn Doyle narrowly missed 410kg last year at Big Dogs 1 due to grip issues at the top. The American looks to have come back stronger this year so we’ll see how big a pull he puts up.

  • Eric Lilliebridge has had his share of grip issues but is capable of pulling a bit over 410kg

  • Daniel Bell looks is barely at the back of the pack but the 400+ deadlifts required to keep up may be asking too much.

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1st Attempts

  • Malanichev and Lilliebridge open with a conservative 360kg and the weight flies up accordingly

  • Daniel Bell goes 365 and pulls it at an RPE barely anything. Not the biggest puller on the platform today but would not bet against a 400kg pull.

  • Shawn Doyle disrespects 380kg making it look like baby weight. It might just be his day today with at least a 400kg + pull to come.

  • Alex Simon opens with the heaviest DL yet with 382.5kg. Unlucky to get called on hitching…? Its a higher % of his max then the other lifters but the way he pulled it there’s lifetime PRs to had today for the Australian.

With the opening deadlifts on the board Shawn Doyle and Andrey Malanichev are tied for number 1 spot with 1075kg total. Doyle’s DL will push all the way Malanichev who has opened conservatively perhaps to leave some in the tank for a big third attempt.

2nd Attempts

  • Daniel Bell pulls 387.5 with a decrease in bar speed apparent tho no grind.

  • 30kg jump for Lilliebridge to 390kg. Three hip pumps and the bar powers off the ground for a clean lift. It looks to be a good day for the Lilliebridges and deadlifting

  • Malanichev goes 390kg as well and seems to have locked it out but just in the last inch of ROM the bar begins to tilt as his supinated left hand gives out. So close… but three red lights for the Russian and 400+ kg of pressure heaped on him

  • Shawn Doyle steps up with 395kg for his second. With no hesitation and zero doubt in his mind the bar flies up, looking like there was another few more reps left in the tank. How big will he go on his third?

It’s one of those days. After an unfortunate grip related miss Malanichev has little choice left. The Russian will require at least the 390 kg third pull to turn it all around. With Shawn Doyle chasing him down that’s the minimum

Shawn Doyle on the other hand is having the meet of his life and can smell blood and the big cash prize. The 410kg pull that he missed last year is there for the taking and he’ll need every kilo he can get to hold off Malanichev.

3rd Attempts

  • Malanichev has 390kg on the bar again and pulls it off the ground with little problem this time as the bar nears lock out speed slows and all eyes are fixed on the supinated hand of the Russian looking for any signs that grip is going to give out again. After what seems like an eternity the down command is given.

A disappointing day for sure by Malanichev’s high standards but he has done all he can and it’s all up to the Gods of Powerlifting to determine his fate

  • Shawn Doyle calls for a conservative 405kg. The bar flies off the floor, like a first attempt, making me seriously doubt that sumo is weak off the floor, but in the transition catches on the big quads of the American and slows to an agonising stop.

In the end still a PR total for Shawn Doyle but not enough to beat Malanichev.

Still lifters left to pull and they’re going to go big for the podium positions.

  • Daniel Bell goes huge with 410kg. Bar explodes off the ground but loses speed quickly coming to a stop mid thigh. No where to go but down from there.

  • Eric Lilliebridge with the final pull of the day. 410kg is ripped off the ground but slows down on his quads and the huge weight rips the bar from his hands.

In the end things go to the last down to the last pulls but Malanichev still comes out on top.


Prize money for top three but the three way tie for third means the unlucky lifters have to split the money. Not sure how they are going to split the trophy tho.

Shawn Doyle may be walking out with 2nd and a PR total tho may be regretting his decision to not go big with a 410+ pull. There will not be many better chances to beat Malanichev. Am sure the $10 000 cash prize will make him feel better tho.

Malanichev takes 1st and $20 000 home with him. That’s a lot of Soviet Sports Supplements.

Not the dominant world record breaking performances we’ve come to expect from the Russian but was enough on the day. The high expectations going in speak a lot to his calibre tho. Living legend.

Seems I built up all that hype for nothing but what a show it has been this pleasant afternoon in Frankston, Australia.

As for world records there’s always next time.

Congrats to Andrey Malanichev.


Full meet now up:


Thanks for doing this man. Really good shit

Thank you very interesting !

Was a good afternoon’s worth of entertainment.

It’s too bad the time zones meant it was awkward to watch for US viewers.

Couple of pics/vids to round off a great contest:

“When that power lifter who thinks he could be a bodybuilder out angles you but doesn’t matter because you out angle his total”

Next year invite Kirill Sarychev and get Malan a monolith so he stops walking out his squats.

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WRP World Championships in Russia sees Malanichev compete in the lead up to Pro Raw Big Dogs 3 in Australia where a prize pool of 50k awaits with the biggest total of the day taking home 20k + in cash. Given he may be mid prep for the latter or saving something for the more financially rewarding meet it may not come as a surprise that his peformance was a bit less than we’ve come to expect from the ATWR raw total record holder especially on squats.


He’s coming back from a quad tear too.

I’ve missed that news. Doesn’t bode well for Big Dogs 3 tho

As far as I’m aware he’s out if the lineup.