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Andrey Malanichev 500kg Squat

It’s time to once again indulge my raging boner for Russian powerlifters with a man who needs little introduction. Andrey Malanichev has the Raw w/ Wraps ATWR total with 1140kg/2513lbs.

I’ll let the man and his lifting speak for themselves:

Looked easy one could observe. Malanichev always seems to leave plenty in the tank, content to chip away at his own records. The 400kg DL to round out the new WR was as anti climatic as they come but that’s not what this post is about. Big raw squats are today’s topic. 500kg+ raw squats.

While Malanichev seemed content to chip away at his records forever and looks to be on route for a 500kg raw squat Vlad Alhazov was working his way back from a serious knee injury some 10 years ago and subsequent knee replacement. He worked quietly so that seemingly out of nowhere he comes up with an incredible 500kg squat:


It was a near max grinder. It was out of a monolith/no walk out. 500kg tho.

Browsing instagram today and between the fitness sloots and fake natties I saw a blurry clip of some big dude with glasses squatting. 500kg worth of raw squatting.

Mojtaba Maleki is an Iranian Strongman & Powerlifter who is now the second man to squat 500kg raw w/ wraps. This was recent (last 48 hours I think?) so forgive the link/quality

So is it time for Andrey Malanichev to leave a little less in the tank? ProRaw Big Dogs 2 in Australia is coming up mid October (Not too far away from me actually but seating is pricey).

After having set the world record total last year at Big Dogs 1 will Malanichev become the first man to walk out and squat 500kg raw and put up another world record? Hell put just a bit more than 500 on there just to edge out the record proper.

In the past there have been various record numbers in Powerlifting e.g. 700 bench that seemed far out of reach at the time. As soon as the first dude breaks through the seemingly insurmountable wall the flood gates opened and multiple other lifters are suddenly breaking that same barrier. Two 500kg squats and more to come in the future.


Back to Malanichev. I love the man. Full homo. I believe him capable of setting the squat and total ATWRs come October. What say you?

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Another angle of Mojtaba Maleki’s 500

You could argue that Malanichev’s WR hasn’t been broken since nobody has walked out and squatted more than him, but it definitely looks like he will have to squat over 500kg at some point. Zahir Khudyarov is close to that too.

Do you mean his gym PRs lel.

From the man himself “I am son come Fuckk kill 550kg Fuckk Squat RAW. Moterfaker Squat I am come kill faking crazi kill you 550kg (sic)”

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Eric Lilliebridge was representing the US pretty damn nicely around 2014-2015 as far as vying for the WR squat, but he seems to have coasted a bit, albeit not in regard to his total; he seems driven and devoted therein.

He seems to have consistency problems with his deadlift. His hands just rip or some shit with near 900 on the bar. I reckon at his absolute on paper best, he’d squat 1050, bench 560ish, and deadlift 900 in a full meet.

With those numbers as his third attempts he could break his 308 WR if he doesn’t get DQed or some shit like last year.

If he went up to SHW could he challenge for ATWRs? Maybe but is probably more competitive at 308. Is hard to catch up with Malan who is already at the top and always improving

It’s crazy too because Malanichev seems to almost progress linearly. It just never slows down.

He is always leaving kilos on the platform and in training. From the first set of the macrocycle to the third attempt in comp. His sub maximal training is heavy enough to generate plenty of fatigue so he doesn’t ever really need to do sets at higher RPE. He doesn’t compete all that often either so he can just run cycle after training cycle most of the year.

Doesn’t need to grind out anything in comp either. Just plans to hit a RPE 9 or 9.5 and its enough for records.

If he is having a shit meet he can still hit his numbers, it’ll just be a higher RPE. If he is having a good meet he’ll probably just stay conservative anyway lel.

Lot’s of wiggle room and the end result is a new PR, WR and seemingly linear progress from competition to competition. That’s just squats tho. He seems “too” chill with his deadlifts like he is using them to put the polish on his new WR.

2014: 460kg at Raw Unity 7

2015: 470kg at Boss of Bosses 2

2015: 475kg at WRPF World Powerlifting Championship

2016: 480kg at WRPF Asia Championship

2016: 485kg at Pro Raw Big Dogs

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He’s in the position Coan was, just chasing himself.

Meh i’ll leave the comparisons like that where they lie, because to be fair, unless malanichev can replicate them without wraps you could argue that his wrapped WR squats arent as good as a sleeved or naked knee squat…all depends on who you talk to and where they lie on the purist-equipped spectrum.

Well yeah, someone can squat the same weight without wraps then it is better. I would have to check the exact numbers, but Ray Williams and Jezza Uepa are getting close. Talk to anyone who has squatted out of a monolift, it adds weight to your squat for sure. Walking out over 1000lbs. is going to take some energy out of you that could go towards actually squatting the weight, plus you can set your feet exactly where you want them.

Are you fucking kidding? The wraps give him 50-60lbs? Shit even if they give him 100 the guy is almost squatting 1100 at a fairly low RPE. If he felt like really pushing himself, Ray Williams number are history.

This RAW nazi bullshit has to stop. Can’t you raw weenies just give guys the credit they’re due without whining "its not really raw because he was wearing ______ ". Actual lifters don’t even make comments like this. This sounds like crossfit influenced OL nutlicking bullshit.


Idk. Raw usually means free of gear. So…fuck it. If you aren’t squatting straight naked, it ain’t raw! Open up that taint son. No shoes, no pants, no damn underwear.


Yeah and they should have to squat ATG… nay, KTF (knob to floor).


With a 5 second pause at the bottom LOL


Make up your mind atg or quarter squat?


Hahaha not just blessed with good strength gains ay Vince :joy:

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Malanichev has landed in Frankston, Australia. Seemingly no pressure on the big Russian as he takes a stroll on the beach and sips on his coffee.

1 week out from Big Dogs 2.

+WR Hype

“BOOM. World Record. All day long. Be Humble.” Brad Dingleberry, Multiple World Record Holder.

Live Stream apparently. Sunday 15 October, 1pm local (AEST)

Starts in 30mins

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