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Andrew Wiel

Saw Dr.Andrew Weil on Oprah today.They were discussing foods that were good for you and the heart and stuff.Some of it looked really good though. I remember him from an issue of Playboy. He said that the ripped abs you see on bodybuidlers interfered with digestion.WTF!.He did discuss alternate forms of herbal remedies .I know he is Harvard educated and a leading proponent(sp) of changing the current western medical model.Just wondering what everybody else thought of him?

Like other fields of endeavor, sometimes being “OJT” trained or, “on the job” schooled is equivalent to traditional means of education. The traditional way gets ‘image’ credit but I get most of my deep knowledge in physical training, nutrition and post-salvation epistemological rehabilitation, for that matter (biblical thinking) from NON-traditionally educated people.

He’s got a lot of good info. as far as differing viewpoints and treatments for various diseases and such. I’ve read a couple of his books and really I’ve had (have) some medical issues myself that some of his advice has greatly helped. One highly effective yet very simple thing he recommends is breathing techniques to calm down and stimulate the CNS…I use them daily to either revive or go to sleep or whatever. However, when it comes to diet and exercise recommendations for bodybuilders and athletes you won’t have much success there…he recommends more of a higher carb vegetarian type diet, which is fine, except that most people who don’t eat meat will end up overconsuming the hell out of sugar. I much prefer the health building nutritional program favored by Dr. Mercola over at Mercola.com, that’s a health building meal plan bodybuilders can live with. As far as exercise recommendations Weil considers a nice relaxing 30 minute walk plenty of exercise for the day…this recommendation may have some validity as far as keeping free radical production at bay but it definitely won’t cut it for us more active types.

No offense, but I’ll never know what to think until he is on some other show. No way in hell will I watch Oprah.

I’m still not sold on Weil. Sometimes he says things that seem quite provocative, and sometimes he comes off like a damn nut. Time will tell, but my suspicion is that his eccentricities may only add to the “mystique” surrounding the man, furthering his credibility for his followers and providing ammunition for his detractors.

So…is Oprah fat or thin again? Sorry, just kinda curious…