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Anderson Silva


Tonight's fight: The most moronic performance I have ever seen......


That was about as obvious as a thrown fight can be.


You think so? I didn't see it that way.

Wiedman took Silva down quickly into the 1st round and demonstrated that he could effectively GNP Silva there, was not going to be easily submitted and could even threaten Anderson with submissions of his own. At that point I think Silva realized that he absolutely did not want to be on the ground with Chris. So, he began goading Chris into a striking match or attempting takedowns when and where Anderson could see them coming in an attempt to demoralize and frustrate Wiedman. We've all seen him do this before and in every other case it has opened his opponents up to counter striking opportunities which have allowed Silva to regain control of the fight. This time though his complete disregard for Chris's striking caught up with him (perhaps with some help from Father Time) and he wound up paying the price for his hubris.


I was very happy Chris did not play into Silva's game with those show boating antics.


How? Silva does this on so many fights he even said he uses stuff like putting his hands down as a technique.


THIS! exactly


There was just something that looked. .. off about the ko. I've said several times on these forums that there's a reason fighters don't have an old-timers league (it happened to RJJ so no one escapes it), but that whole sequence looked fishy. Maybe it's just the conspiracy theorist in me.


Its because its Silva and he's a legend and its never happened before it was a legit TKO.


This was not a fix. Silva tried to do the matrix dance and he was caught. If he had not been people would be crying genius.

Weidman was able to take him down, almost subbed him, then got tricked into standing and still won. Brilliant performance by Weidman and props to him for clearly studying andersons movement patterns, those two leading shots were great and silvas eyes rolled back upon hitting the canvas.

Almost did not get up at alarm for the fight. thought anderson would win pretty easily. Great new champ in chris and hope he is long to reign over the ufc mw division :slight_smile:


sorry to get off topic but I was wondering what you think about traditional martial arts re-emergence in the ufc in the last few years. especially the kicks like barboza's on terry etim. Also what do you reckon about karate being the best base for MMA wrestling, gsp says thats why his shoot for the takedown is so good, because of his karate background.


Right on!


Biggest MMA blooper of all time? :smiley: Holy shit!


Silva may be cocky but he's not that stupid. The past few fights he's looked like he lost the love for fighting. He got caught but probably due to not training with he same intensity but still thinking he can play with people.



as stated above-showboating-youre either gonna be a legend or a chump and the difference between one or the other is millimetres.

what does silva mean he wont fight for a belt anymore? what does he see himself doing? Ive never quite got my head around where he is coming from motivation wise eg. when he was winning but boring us and looked bored himself.probably just a language barrier thing.i'd love to know what he's thinking.


long reign?

I cant see it.

I would be surprised if he successfully defends,and that is with silva out of the way.


I see Vitor taking the title from him in his first defense and defending it for at least a couple of fights unless time catches up with him before that. As for Silva, I could see him taking a couple of easy fights at 205 and calling it quits after a few easy wins. That is unless he was just fucking with everyone regarding the not fighting for the title anymore comment, which wouldn't be the first time he'd done that either.

Bispings been campaigning for a titleshot as well, only has one win and weather that win is top10 is debateable, but should Belfort get injured it might even make sense since Okami and Jacare are already booked. I think thats a fight where he might even have a legit chance at taking home that gold, though can't really see him holding it :stuck_out_tongue:


As much as I loved watching Anderson Silva get his head taken off I equally enjoyed hearing the crowd boo him during the Rogan interview. I was overjoyed that his playing around was finally rewarded with a loss. There is no room for such antics at that level. The fact that he has gotten away with that type of fooling around for so long speaks to his high skill level no doubt. But the end finally came and I hope that he learns from this as he has another 10 fights on his contract. I think the next time that we see him in the Octagon we will see a very focused no nonsense fighter...as it should be...as it should always have been!


Maybe the Silva that fought Leben and Franklin twice will show up next fight. Without going to youtube, I don't recall Silva showboating much if at all during those fights. Just walked in and did work.


I really think you guys are flat out gullible.
He urged Weedfighter like crazy from the start to engage. He taunted him, mocked him, disrespected him, yelled at him, motioned him non stop to engage. Then you see Weidman crawl up like a cat into a ball and retreat. Guy makes one shot and like sheep you all listen to fucktards like Goldberg and Rogan yell and scream like a miracle happened. What the fuck does he do next? Fuck all! Silva urged him non stop. Hands down, in complete range and barely moving out of punches way and the guy still has no fucking skills whatsoever to seriously land a shot.
So what does Silva do? Get's bored and in frustration pours it on in the last moments of the first round making Weidman look like he has never fought before. Total mockery of his skills.

He grabs him, and kisses him end of first round. A show of no ill intent but serious frustration. As he is in his corner he walks out and urges him to engage, to fight, to make a show..... look at Andersons face..... he's bored and doesn't want to be there. He urges him again beginning of the second round. What's going through Anderson's head? Probably 'This circus is fucking boring'. Again all through the second round, he taunts and urges him on.

Did Weidman knock him out? Perhaps yeah in the midst of the clowning around. Was it this spectacular display? Lmao fuck no. Anderson wanted out. His demeanour for the last um..... i dunno 10 fights has been he is tired of the charade that is ufc. He was sparring in there. Wanted to lose but wanted to be beaten, not throw a fight. I believe somewhere along the lines it got tangled, he got tagged and fight stopped. His defeat speech tells a lot too. WTF... I have 10 more fights but I don't want to fight for the belt. Hmmm... wtf does that mean? It's just a money thing now and anything that comes his way goes to helping settle his family even more. I see bullshit antics with the UFC and a guy who threw a spanner into the works his own way. Tired of being yoyoed around by them, I believe he wanted to lose but the how happened to be sorta out of his hands this time.

On any given day guaranteed Silva without the clowning would waste Weidman. Isn't it magic how all these fighters were all speaking for Weidman like he is some hidden jewel? St Pierre being on record stating Silva is the all time best pound for pound and then saying a chump from Sera's camp ..... fuckers who have never amounted to anything but wiseguy like comments all of a sudden is the next best thing?
Marketing guy should be fired from the UFC.


I mean, is there any doubt in anyone that Silva wins that fight, at will? He actually tried really hard to lose that fight... He was ready to hang it up, but signed a 10-fight deal for $$$ but doesn't truly want to fight anymore.

The real question is, will they spoon the new champ or throw some legit contenders at him?