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Anderson Silva Vs. Julio Cesar Chavez Jr

I am not a huge boxing connoisseur.

But I feel like Silva beating Chavez is a big deal.

Great moment for him.

Any thoughts?

Well thats the last time I start a thread in this forum.

Bunch of filthy casuals.

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They’re the ones who pay to watch circus matches.

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Appreciate your thoughts on it.

I do have thoughts. I think personally for Silva it’s a big deal and he should be proud. He fought a legit boxer, although not a great boxer. He has talked about boxing RJJ before and he originally started as a boxer. I believe it wasn’t about cockiness but about testing himself as he respected RJJ. Maybe that fight will happen. If Silva gets paid and he is enjoying himself, good for him, he earned it.

With that said, in the bigger picture of boxing, it’s no more significant than a retired, aging Mayweather having an exhibition match against some youtuber or a “legit” fight against Conor.