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Anderson Silva vs. Forrest Griffin


i was checking the UFC page, and saw that Anderson Silva and Forrest Griffin are fighting at UFC 101 at LHW.....

again, i'm annoyed with title-holders jumping weight classes. this actually will prolly be a very exciting fight, it still irritates me that Silva is not going to be defending his title for at least another 3 months after this.

if i was a fighter and looking for a title shot, this is the kind of crap that would make me jump ship to another organization.

the whole card looks pretty badass, though.....


There has been talk of AS making a permanent move to LHW. Not being willing to fight Machida may put a monkey wrench in that plan.

I would rather see him fight in 205 than fight some can (relative, don't jump all over me)at 185. Until Hendo and Nate are in queue for a 2nd go, there just aren't that many interesting fights at MW for him. I wouldn't mind Cote getting another shot either but all of these guys are tied up at the moment. This makes perfect sense.


i agree with you it is not the best thing if a title holder jumps weight classes. But i think its okay if anderson does that. He pretty much cleaned the division and i he looked great at 205, so its okay.

And i really welcome the griffin - silva fight. Forrest is no Leites or Cote, he will definitly bring the fight to Anderson. Maybe he gets knocked out but forrest will not let this chance pass away. he will come in aggressive and test silva.

Penn - Florian will be interesting too. I am anxious if Penn can rebound from the total St-Pierre Destruction.



The fight was made soon after Silva's non-fight with Leites. It was done because he truly isn't getting challenged at MW. Like you said, until someone like Marquardt, Hendo, or someone else who will engage is ready to fight him, LHW it will be. Forrest will definitely engage him. That is why that fight was produced.


Should be a good fight, I hope it lasts long. Silva is too big imo to be fighting at 185 and should make a permanent move. I know that this will probably not be a popular opinion.


It's funny that no one is mentioning the fact that Anderson has now become someone the UFC needs to "make fights for". You need to put someone in front of him who will play to "his style" so he can have an exciting fight. He's like a freakin diva or something.

I really hope Forrest cleans his clock and drops him permanently from p4p contention. He's an embarassment compared to guys who will bring the fight no matter what like Fedor and GSP.


You've got to be kidding. Now it's not enough just to be that damn good you have to be a brawler who's going to trade punches?

Also, did Fedor "bring the fight" to Arlovski? He waited patiently until arlovski pulled that flying knee out of thin air and landed one on the button. Whether you think Fedor was winning that first round or not, it was a pretty even fight and not what i'd call "bringing it"


You should really think about the reason no one is mentioning this.


Titles are meaningless when there is no clear system in place for advancing challengers and the promoter is the same person handing them out. There is no legitimacy to them, so I'm not reall concerned that Anderson isn't going to be defending it when he's already cleaned out the division. The best we can hope for is great fighters fighting each other, and that is the case here. I am excited to see it.


I'd like to see GSP vs Silva at a catchweight. That would break the bank


well, the think there was a decent crop of 185 guys from TUF, as well as the recently acquired WEC guys. there's at least 10 guys in that divison that he hasn't fought would be decent fights..... not sure if they're all ready for a title shot based off who they've fought, but i would rather see Silva defend his title than fight in a division where he won't fight for the title.

just my .02


mmm i rather see silva fight at 205. If he fights at 185 still..need new guys..someone like Gegard Moussi (sp)would be a GREAT AMAZING fight against Silva and would really test them BOTH.
But that's a dream match and won't happen :frowning:

I don't really care about Silva defending the title..I want to see Silva knock people out and go to war.


I think there is nothing wrong with this fight, until a worthy challenger can face him at 185. I'll be more excited for this fight than the Penn vs Florian Title fight.


agree on that, Florian seems like a real genuwine guy..fighting spirit, hope he gets the win!