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Anderson Silva vs Forrest Griffin


Just heard this on the Jason Ellis show so I googled it.


hope its true.


It's true I already added it to my thread.

It's even been changed on the card for UFC events.

Double main event BJ vs Kenflo / Silva vs Griffin


Very interesting fight. Griffin is much stronger and will be hard to wrestle. He doesn't have a great chin. If Anderson lands some solid shots, Griffin will be out.

Griffin will want to pin Anderson to the cage, to feel Griffin's weight. Do some take downs. Dry hump him. Win a decision.


This sounds better than 100 so far.




Interested Doug is interested.




Griffin will lose. I wish they had given him Rampage Jackson.


You know Forrest is going to sit down with Couture and come up with a good gameplan against Silva.

He's perhaps the biggest LHW out there, as he walks around at close to 240 pounds. I'd imagine he'll look to use that size to his advantage and as Ca. Law said, try and muscle Silva up against the cage. We all know Griffin's chin can be suspect at times, but, at least we know he'll never back down from a fight and will make Anderson work, which is something Silva needs after 2 rather lackluster performances.

Too early for me to make a prediction but I'm definitely excited that this fight is going to happen and makes UFC 101 a must-buy.


Yeah, this should be good. Griffin should put on a better show than the last two guys Silva has fought. I dont think Griffin will be scared of Silva.

Did you hear Silva talking how he wants to fight Fedor Emalianko? Now THAT would be cool.


This is going to be a great fight. I think Silva will win, but it will go the distance. As mentioned, Griffin's wrestling is good, and it will be interesting to see if he can get Anderson to the ground.

Along with BJ/Ken-Flo, great card!


Dana must be having a hard time finding sacrificial offerings for Silva. It would be ill if it goes like the Irvin fight.


I would think that would be what they want. Someone who will go at Silva and let him pound them to earn back his 'street cred'

But I don't see Forrest as an easy sacrifice like Irvin was for Silva. He's more a brawler/grappler and his only losses have not been from soft guys either.

Anyways, it'll be fun just to hear Forrest hype the fight.

anybody know if there still doing a fight night on 8/5. If so first week in August is going to be packed!




This is a pretty sweet match up, cant wait!

I think Forrest's plan will be just what CaliforniaLaw said. Wrestle, go for take downs and try to win it round by round.

I have a feeling, that for Forrest, it will be like the Evans fight. He'll look to be doing well, then he'll get tagged and all the good work will be for nothing. If he got caught by Evans, it'll be hard for him not to be caught by the Spider....


Forrest is like the kid in your team who has no self esteem but is a complete beast.. I see him beating the shit outta Silva.


Unlike the Evans fight though, Forrest can't make this a kickboxing match, because he'll lose that big time. He is no match for Anderson technically. He's got to make it a brawl (much like he did when he beat Sinosic) if he wants to have any chance.


Maybe, but he's an extremely competitive guy.

I think his ground game is a little underrated given his propensity to stand and bang, it will be hard for Anderson to submit Forrest, especially from his back.


Y becuase Joe Rogan said it was and he did ok against Rampage. Anderson can definitely submit Forrest but I highly doubt he'll need to. Anderson outclasses Forrest in every category except for a five pound weight difference.


Yeah because I've always listened to everything Rogan says.

Forrest's base is in jiujitsu. I think Adam Singer still reads these forums once in awhile, and though Forrest hasn't really relied on it, I don't see how Anderson could submit him from his back. You aren't going to triangle Forrest successfully no matter how long your legs are. The weight difference is going to be significantly larger than five pounds. I see this fight going Forrest's way if he gets Anderson to the ground.

Where do you get this bullshit ass elitist attitude from anyway? The more you post about things, like how BJ might be hurt by developing a better work ethic, the dumber you sound.