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Anderson Silva Trains with Seagal


Found this via digg. Some interesting stuff in here, some inapplicable stuff (to MMA at least).



You know what? With Silva's speed and reflexes, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see him pull some of that off.


Some cool stuff in that video. Some of the entries that Seagal was teaching Anderson we train pretty regularly and can be pulled off against even a skilled fighter, if trained enough. I agree with Melvin that if any body in MMA could pull off some of those techniques that it would be Anderson. I just hope that he doesn't get too overconfident, try some fancy move and wind up paying for it.

Sonnen is a great wrestler and will take Anderson down and keep him there if Anderson gives him the opportunity. I don't think that Sonnen can finish Anderson, but he could pull off a lay n pray win.


I'll be rooting for Sonnen myself, only because after all the hype talk it would be awesome for him to pull it off. If he can get Silva down, the fight is his to win, but it will still be very much a fight. Spider has shown good defense off his back in the past, and his takedown defense is pretty decent. And, as always, he has that dangerous striking to contend with.

It would be great if Silva pulled off a wrist lock on Sonnen. Mind-blowing in fact. Probably would be the first in the UFC.


Yeah, it would be kind of cool to see the Middleweight belt change hands, and I'm not denying that Sonnen could pull off a victory.

But, I just don't see him being able to finish Silva, even on the ground (really didn't do much damage to Marquardt in their fight) and I don't know that he's going to be able to repeatedly get past Silva's strikes to be able to take him down.

That would be cool. MMA gloves make things like wrist locks harder to pull off though, and I'm not even certain whether they're legal in the UFC or not. I know you can't lock "small joints", but I'm not sure whether they throw wrist locks into that category or not.


I doubt most of those moves could be pulled off by a skilled boxer if he's throwing some bombs at you all while moving properly, different angles, and using footwork to get around the other guy.

Now if we are talking about a bar situation in small spaces that stuff could definately work...I feel like Anderson was doing more of that stuff for fun and to continue growing as a fighter. Or even a confrontation outside between 2 guys in the street.

He has obviosuly a solid base of boxing, muay thai, and the ground game. This is just more tactical stuff he's learning, I think more for fun.


Again most of the things there Anderson already does...the clinch, elbows..only thing he doesnt is the grabs with palm strikes. And some of those smaller joint locks...which I really want to learn! lol


True that some of that stuff would be tough to pull off against a skilled boxer. But someone who practices it a ton, against boxers, might be able to. Or, someone with crazy natural attributes like Anderson/Mayweather/RJJ in his prime might be able to as well. I'm not saying that the average person should learn that parry/chop to the brachial plexus/carotid sinus as a defense against a good boxer's jab or straight right.

Now, the parry while closing distance to enter the clinch/arm triangle on the other hand is a pretty solid technique and is much more easily applied. That's the one we practice.

Of course, like all techniques you need to have the time/distance and opportunity to use it effectively. If the attacker is very close and swarming you with strikes from every conceivable angle, that would not be the technique to choose. Or, if instead of them trying to "box" you with jabs and straight rights from a distance they instead just open up and start throwing bombs, then again that would not be the correct technique to choose.

Well, like I said before you need enough time/distance to be able to pull off any type of "precision" defense like the ones seen in the video. So the situation would determine the appropriate defense. But I tend to agree with you that he's probably doing it more for his personal growth as a martial artist rather than because he's planning on doing it in the Octagon.


Yeah...like you said as well the situation would determine the appropriate defense. I know for sure that I want to learn those kind of techniques soon. I just really want to have a solid foundation of boxing before I drift to some other things for fun. Again it would be more for me to grow as a fighter, and I would understand combat much better fighting regularly. On a side note though, I also like how a lot of those techniques are not too complex and if you pick up things fast you could really pull it off.

To have good boxing skills, some solid judo (learn how to takedown/throw), and some of those precision defense skills...like if you take him down...to restrain him with a wrist lock would be great as to end the situation and have him calm down for a second or you threaten to break his wrist. All those things and you'd be one deadly cat to mess with in the street. Some could argue muay thai for the use of elbows, but if you know how to box you will probably drop the guy on the inside fighting. I'm not so much for headbutts unless you know the distance and can effectively pull on off AND follow up if you need to.

I'm kinda going off here but I've witnessed someone start the fight with the headbutt and the guy had enough time to evade it and got clocked. GRAB then headbutt in one move.

Okay now I'm really getting off topic lol


Silva will win by Head Chop on the first round!


I hope he does...I want Jon Jones and Silva to fight soooo bad.