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And You Thought Vegans Were Bad


Ladies and gentlemen, I present for your consideration... the Freegan.


Yes, let's enter the wonderful world of dumpster diving as a political statement. I get their overall point not to waste food when people go hungry, but their methods are just repulsive.


I knew a guy like this. He was well off, but said it was like finding treasure or something. His political view was extreme left and always had a garbage bag of bagles or baked goods in his car. Whatever floats your boat...


I don?t think I will run out and jump in a dumpster but if I found my self hungry or even tight on money I would have no problem eating out of a dumpster . Just use common sense.


That's the difference - if you were down on your luck and just flat out needed to eat, you do what you have to do. But these people? They are just making a choice to do it to prove something... the funny part is, how many people are they really going to influence by doing this?


If I thought they'd actually accomplish something by this, however repulsive their methods, I would applaud them. But I don't think this will really get anyone to change their behavior.


That is a dumb-ass point.

So, they want us to give our leftovers to the hungry? No, that would not be PC. So they want us to not have leftover food (which means everybody eats much more and gets even fatter than they already are)?

If I buy my own food, I can waste it if I want to. It's mine!


I don't think they want people to overindulge at all, but if perfectly good food is being tossed out...


I don't think their local senators are going to be losing much sleep over this.

I wonder if they keep food logs...




Good job, you ate out of a dumpster!

I don't waste food, the only food I do throw away is if is rotten. Then, if I do I put it somewhere where and animal can eat it. If I don't want to eat something like say crust I just throw it at the ducks by my house.

They'll eat it!


Isn't that a psychiatric disorder?


LOL Nice. Do you think they separate out the P+F and P+C too?


lol they are just really tight with there money, why pay for something when ya can get it free? lol


You know I do need to up my calorie intake....hmmmmm if I grab a quick meal everytime I pass a dumbster...


Haha...that's hilarious!


[Elaine at the muffin shop]

ELAINE: Wow. Look at this. We're cleaning up.

LIPPMAN: Oh, Rubin, get me another tray of lowfat cranberry.

REBECCA: Excuse me, I'm Rebecca Demore from the homeless shelter.

ELAINE: Oh, hi.

REBECCA: Are you the ones leaveing the muffin pieces behind our shelter?

ELAINE: You been enjoying them?

REBECCA: They're just stumps.

ELAINE: Well they're perfectly edible.

REBECCA: Oh, so you just assume that the homeless will eat them, they'll eat anything?

MR. LIPPMAN: No no, we just thought...

REBECCA: I know what you thought. They don't have homes, they don't have jobs, what do they need the top of a muffin for? They're lucky to get the stumps.

ELAINE: If the homeless don't like them the homeless don't have to eat them.

REBECCA: The homeless don't like them.


REBECCA: We've never gotten so many complaints. Every two minutes, "Where is the top of this muffin? Who ate the rest of this?"

ELAINE: We were just trying to help.

REBECCA: Why don't you just drop off some chicken skins and lobster shells.

ELAINE: I think I might.


reading that article just makes me want to smack someone in the mouth


If its fo' free, its fo' me