and you think radio sucks now?

Is anyone else upset over the completely corrupt manner in which the FCC approved changed governing media ownership?
FCC chairman Michael Powell (son of Colin) did his best to ignore every public hearing on the matter while being courted by his corporate pimps. Check out these facts:

"In the weeks before Monday’s vote, the Center for Public Integrity detailed the cozy relationship between the FCC majority, key staffers and the industries they are supposed to police.

Last month, the Center revealed that FCC commissioners and staffers have taken more than 2,500 junkets ? at a cost of almost $2.8 million – that were paid for by the interests they are supposed to police. And it came as no surprise to anyone that FCC Chairman Michael Powell, the primary proponent of the six rule changes, was among the chief recipients of the first-class flights, luxury hotel suites and other favors that the media giants used to influence the decision-making process. Assessing the study’s findings, Center for Public Integrity director Charles Lewis said, “The idea that the FCC can render an objective, independent judgment about media ownership is laughable.”

The idea grew even more laughable on the eve of Monday’s vote, as the same Washington-based public interest research center revealed that, over the past eight months, owners and lobbyists for the country’s largest broadcasting conglomerates met behind closed doors with FCC officials 71 times to discuss the rule changes that would allow big media to get dramatically bigger."

And you thought radio sucks now? Just wait until Clear Channel begins taking advantage of this (their stock rose considerably Monday, even in advance of the “vote”) to buy up even more stations and implement their “safe playlists.”

The good news is that the FCC’s actions have raised concern in Congress, who just may investigate the situation and turn back some of the changes.

dude, the fcc hasnt been on the level since its inception. look at some history behind AM and FM (and when tv came into play)…

I totally agree with you. I’ve been working in radio for the past 13 years and watched the industry decline at such an alarming rate that now it (much like the music industry) is killing it self. It is one of the dirtiest most cut-throat professions in entertainment today. The broadcast giants own nearly all of the top rated stations in the major markets. How do you look for another job when the company you work for owns the station you wanted to apply at? Thank god for our Union, AFTRA.

I hate Clear Chanel. They reuse the same lame content over all of their markets and make nation-wide decisions on what to censor and what to broadcast based on what they feel is appropriately “PC”. There are so many specific aspects that suck about each and every one of there stations (because they are all identical) that one could write a damn book about it-- and someone probably has.

Clearchanel- Proudly bringing you the same crappy content on five stations in each market coast to coast.

I hate Clear Channel too. They have a monopoly on producing concerts in a lot of markets. If you want to play a show in a major Clear Channel town, you are forced to book your entire concert tour with them. It’s basically their way, or no way at all.

Are you unhappy that some of those concert tickets cost 60 bucks?

Tough shit.

The FDA has the same cozy relationship with the drug makers as the FCC has with the broadcasters. Ever wonder why so many things get banned as OTC items, only to remain available with prescriptions?

Well, a product sucking is only the consumer’s fault. If we keep supporting the advertisers that support Clear Channel, then why should they stop what they’re doing?

Personally, there’s not a whole lot of radio that I can handle, especially in the backward part of the country that I live in. That’s what CD burners are for.

Not only do Clear Channel monopolize live music markets (they currently have suits filed against them in a couple different areas by independent promoters), but its a trickle-up effect essentially- right to the musicians.

In order to get a song played on a clear channel-owned station a artist/label must pay a certain promotion company (CH does not allow submissions from other promoters) to “introduce” the song to Clear Channel. Funny thing is Clear Channel also owns the promotion company. boom. legal payola.

I’ve read that the amount to now get a song on rotation is around $300,000. No wonder why there is less diversity than ever in playlists.

And now their being given license to increase market share?

Hopefully they will kill themselves much the same way the 5 major record labels are.