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And Yet Another Miracle Happened To Me Today

And yet another miracle happened to me today…

Here’s a little story…

A few days ago, I prayed. I prayed to God to show me a way to do His will. After the prayer, I slept and forgot about it.

A few days later, today, I went downtown to check out some restaurants that I plan on taking my mother to for mother’s day. After seeing what I need to see, I drove back home and saw a homeless man in rags, with an oxygen tank and holding a sign that says “Homeless and disabled. Anything helps.” Immediately, of course, I felt sorry for the guy. It didn’t pain me to see him in that situation as much as it would’ve pained me to see a loved one in such a situation, but the little sympathy I felt for him was enough to urge me to go to the nearest subway and buy the guy a sandwich. So I did. I went to the nearest subway, bought a sandwich, and drove back to give it to him.

As I went home, I got reminded of the prayer I made. And it only made my faith stronger. I highly doubt this was coincidence.


Which part was the miracle?


If it takes a miracle for you to feel pity for your fellow man, does it speak highly of your god or lowly of your love for humanity?


And then you hit the mighty 505lbs squat?


your avi says it all

I just wanna make this clear. I’m not a troll. I love the trollface, but I’m honest to God not a troll.

Hi Jasmin. I bet you’re really disappointed in me. lol

Well keep on working on your squat and miracles will happen

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How are you, by the way?

You were really nice to me back then. Thank you for that. :slight_smile:

People will believe anything written on cardboard

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Pardon me for saying this but I don’t think you experienced a miracle. You simply gave a sandwich to a guy with a sign. Most likely the guy scammed you. With all the government programs both state and federal most of the guys on street corners are scam artists.

Sorry to burst your bubble …You still have a good heart for what you did. But do what I do give to reliable charities on a regular basis and then you will know your money is really going to help those who need it.

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Any other signs that reassure you in your faith today?

It’s never a coincidence by the way

As a matter of fact, yes…

I’m an incredibly superstitious man. And one of my superstitions is the belief that the number 66 is my lucky number. Today, while I was walking in Walmart, I thought about something… I was trying to put to words exactly what I’m passionate about. I love lifting weights, but it doesn’t encompass the entirety of my true passion. And then it hit me… My passion was about being badass. Those thoughts came to me as I was walking.

And then I stumbled upon Walmart’s magazine rack and saw a Men’s Journal issue. Coincidentally, the front cover said, “Why Every Man Needs A Dog In His Life.” Just yesterday, my mother told me of her desires of buying me a dog. And then that’s what it said on the magazine!

And since the number 66 is my lucky number, I went to page 66 of the magazine. And here’s what it said, highlighted…
He is the complete American renegade hero — Outraged, badass, and deeply, unshakeably moral.

lol. Tell me that’s coincidence and I’ll tell you of the possibility of a computer being magically created out of the explosion of computer parts.

And then, of course, I bought the magazine.

Be glad you didn’t flip to page 66 of Eat, Pray, Love.

You might be rolling around right now with a dozen hairy, Mediterranean dudes.


I prayed for someone to be sodomized today. I’m hoping for a miracle.

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Crazy… my lucky number is 666. :smiling_imp:


hey, bro, how’s it going? You got any plans for later? Maybe we could get a drink or something?

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Humans are really good at finding patterns that reiterate and strengthen their views/beliefs.

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