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And We Were All Overreacting Over BLM?

Yeah I saw the interview.

The point is you are very deliberate about mentioning the jewishness of certain groups of people (despite the fact that it is in error in some instances, as a couple posters here have shown).

And there’s no point. Maybe if they declared a holy war on certain factions, you know like Muslim extremists did, but otherwise no.

And he in no way says he exploited Jews or aided the Nazis.

He accompanied the man who was protecting him while he confiscated property, one day. The part the antisemites leave out is how Soros warned Jews who were going to be deported. He didn’t turn in any Jews and he certainly didn’t kill any Jews. These weirdos make it seem like he was running a deathcamp. He was 13.


[quote=“zecarlo, post:811, topic:269187”]
And he in no way says he exploited Jews or aided the Nazis.

Around the 4 minute mark, when asked if he participated, he nodded and said, “that’s right, yes”. Maybe you didn’t pay attention, or are you just a gaslighting bitch?

He doesn’t deny it and when asked about having regrets, or a guilty conscience, he said" no not at all". Psychopaths aren’t bothered by doing bad stuff. He expressed no sympathy for his fellow Jews, he knew he was out of danger so he didn’t care and it didn’t effect him. He later goes on to describe his business motto, and how he justifies it with amorality. I wonder where he learned that?

The apologists for Soros never prove he didn’t help out to seize Jewish assets. They just say well he did it to keep his cover, or he was young and you can’t hold him responsible for his actions. Or they make an excuse if he didn’t participate, well someone else would have just done it, so why does it matter. Or he was an unwilling participant.

What’s your reference for saying he warned Jews about deportation? What year was it, how did he do it? Was it in any way successful.

While were at it how do you think he kept any of his family’s money, whilst every other Jew had their assets seized? He would be about the only Jew in Europe that didn’t leave before WW2, that kept any significant property. There could well be an innocent explanation, it would be unlikely, but I have an open mind.

His father was known to be Jewish and wealthy, why wouldn’t they sieze his assets? If his father had money and foresight of the comming danger, why didn’t he get George out of Europe like so many others did at the start of the war?

The alleged error was whether the Rockerfeller’s were Jewish, not that they didn’t collaborate with the Nazi’s, or that Rockerfeller’s also conspired with powerful Jewish people like the Warburgs to collaborate with the Nazi’s. Those points are irrelevant to you, because you be" huntin" Nazi’s and anti semites. Be careful when hunting anti Semites, you might catch some Israelis. Many don’t like the Palestinians, who also happen to be Semitic.

Also you better check your anti Islamic inferences. Muslim extremists are people too.
How racist and bigoted you are.

Psychopath??? He was 13 fucking years old in Nazi fucking Germany.

Some argue psychopaths are born and not made.

Really? Proving a negative is a hopeless endeavor and useless anyway. Besides which I thought we were innocent until proven guilty in this country. Maybe not in your country.

Troll 1/10. Needs work to be convincing.

The thing is they don’t try and prove his innocence, they make excuses for his behavior, like you did. Plus Soros was in Nazi Fucking Hungary, not Nazi Fucking Germany.

My comment about your double standard bigotry was not meant to be convincing, it was sarcastic.

He was in Hungary. The interviewer asked stupid questions. He was 13, probably had no idea where Jews were being sent and to what end, and he’s asked if he has a guilty conscience. For what? Not getting murdered? The ones who should feel guilty are the murderers. The interviewer asked what it was like to see Jews being taken away when he should have been among them. What? He should have been among them? None of them should have been deported to death camps. He was 13 and doing what his father told him to do.

What’s interesting is how Jews view Soros and not how antisemites view him. Some Jews don’t even think of Soros as Jewish. This is why it’s funny when he gets included in the Jewish conspiracy to rule the world. He criticizes Israel and funds the Palestinians. However, how many Jews call him a Nazi? He’s considered a Holocaust survivor.

Anyway, I wouldn’t be upset if a mod deleted every post on this thread that mentions Soros.

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Well I’ve done a bit more research. That 60 Minutes video I linked turns out not to be the entire original footage. Its an edited hatchet job to make Soros look worse than the original. Not saying his a great guy, but my mind is definitely more open to all sides of the issue.

I’m really against hatchet job media, its dishonest, and unfair. If a story on someone is bad it doesn’t need extra embellishment, or to claim that its the original when its not.

I most definitely apologise to you Z, for accusing you of gaslighting. So, sorry. Your points definitely do carry more weight in the defence of Soros’s character, that had I seen the proper version first, I would have been a little more open minded.

Surprisingly the one I posted came up first in the feed, and the title portrays itself as the genuine entire original footage. The original full interview can be found a further down the feed on the youtube page.

It surprises me that an enterprise like youtube has let this one stay up, and to be found before the proper full and authentic video. As you all know, youtube are usually obsessive about getting rid of defamatory, intentionally misleading, or videos, the are factually incorrect.

In the aid of transparency and fairness here is the actual interview as I assume was broadcast by 60 minutes. Its much longer. Infamous George Soros 60 Minutes Interview - YouTube
When first asked if he was there, he admits being there while property was being confiscated, around 8.23 -9.50 minutes in. He denies being actually involved, and therefore feels no personal guilt, unlike the first video, because that part had been
edited out.
I don’t know how truthful he is, but he denies it, so I’ll keep an open mind.

Like I said the proper 60 Minutes video still paints a picture unpleasant picture of Soros.
There was no justification for unofficially editing it to take words of his defence away from him.

Then again, I can’t help but to remember the months of interference ran for BLM as rioting spawned out of their get togethers. I hope a lot of folks are doing some soul searching, but it really feels like there’s a serious lack of self awareness.

Folks just looking for an excuse to deal out some justice to commies or fascists as the may be so inclined to view it from where they themselves stand. It’s amazing how eager we can be to spring into violent conflict. Some just need the thinnest veneer of a justification (to be greatly overblown) to override years and years of civilizing.

Sorry. Having seen the DC riot, and then shortly after a group of Anti…Sorry, black bloc, beating Trump supporters…

Why so eager for civil war and revolution?

I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either candidate, but I don’t even remotely want their supporters publicly shamed, let go from jobs, their presence on social platforms made unbearable, etc.

But I know people who want just that. Cripes!

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I tend to agree with the exception of the ones who broke laws. A voter is definitely not a rioter or a person breaking past barriers into the capitol building. Those people can rot.

The person who threw the fire extinguisher at the cops has been caught. Ironically, he is a retired fireman. I knew he was a fireman from his picture, in which he was wearing a hat that had CFD on it. These people are so stupid they gave law enforcement everything they need to catch them. Congratulations, you get to die in prison, for Trump.

Except, it’s not him:

It’s not him, it’s a different guy.

Good! So hopefully the trolls will leave innocent guy alone now.

Everything is a race to be first these days. SMH.

That guy sounds like the sweetest old man firefighter. His damn alibi was making a birthday dinner for his wife haha.

So. Apparently, there is another retired firefighter, who was arrested for throwing a fire extinguisher at a Capital Hill Police Officer. But that wasn’t the officer who died.

I’m too lazy to post a link this time. When you look into the Abyss, the Abyss also looks into you. In this case, it is an Abyss of stupid, and for myself I have decided to just stay away.

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Omg you have no idea how many times the phrase “all lies and jest” pops up in my mind when I read and watch bullshit on the internet.