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And Then, a Million Bosu Balls Sold


I was reading my NASM CPT book (hunkered down to finally have something to sign after my name) and this was directly in the first chapter:

Most training programs do not emphasize multiplanar movements (or
movement in different degrees of the various planes of the body) through the
full muscle action spectrum (concentric, eccentric and isometric muscle
contractions) in an environment that enriches proprioception.33 A
proprioceptively enriched environment is one that challenges the internal
balance and stabilization mechanisms of the body. (Examples of this include
performing a dumbbell chest press while on a stability ball or performing a
single-leg squat.)

I'm scared of whats to come, but I think I know why so many trainers feel propelled to put people on dumb programs.


Pass the exam, get the creds, and then do the RIGHT thing when you get a job. Sets you apart from the pack.


You don't want to know half of the shit it said in my textbook man. I even feel stupid mentioning that I am certified by them (I have other certifications as well) but just be their monkey until you get the paper.. because that's all anyone that you will train, cares about.


Sounds like every cert I ever took. Deb just destroyed the correct with a 50 rep set of bosu ball squats.

Just don't be one of those trainers who starts trying to diagnose medical conditions or push "pre-hab" on your clients. Do what they need, explain how it will get them the benefits they seek, and keep them healthy.




What if you are post-rehab certified and that is part of your job?

Pre-hab is genius. Much better than re-hab after the fact.


Certifications are stupid just on the fact that they dont teach you how to teach... a monkey can put together a program. But a TRAINER can watch someone squat and find out their weak points, where they are tight and body type. No certification I know of can teach any of that, that comes from time under the bar.

OH SHIT, imma be late for my crossfit cert.


Most of the people I see paying for training sit behind a desk for the majority of their adult lives. Pre-hab, mobility work, and other maintenance work makes a world of difference for them.

Come to think of it.....training is a buiness, and pre-hab sells. Sell yourself.



Whats the date on that text?


I think this is the 2006 book, I'm getting the legit books off my aunt this weekend.






This is why I took Biomedical instead of a bullshit exercise science degree.


The sad thing is there is no degree or certification that can fully qualify you to be a trainer. Its scary how many gyms just hire trainers because they have a piece of paper, without actually testing to see if they know/teach. Give me a guy thats been lifting for 20 years over some jackass with a fancy degree and a bosu ball.