"...and the life of the world may move forward into broad, sunlit uplands."

I’ll believe it when I see it, policy-wise. A few New Yorkers making a stink about the consequences of policies endorsed by New Yorkers doesn’t signal a change in direction, although I agree that it is good to see some pressure mounting.

In related news, the Federal Government has some novel ideas about immigration policy.

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As a Texan, I’d almost be willing to keep most of the families if we could send EVERYONE else north.

I don’t know about policy, but this will lead to so called white flight. It won’t just be whites but anyone with the economic means to leave. It will also lead to more remote work which will have an effect on commercial property; something that is already happening.

The thing is, the Democrats are so arrogant that they will choose this hill to die on when most of the people who vote for them do not agree with these illegal immigration policies. It’s as if they’ve forgotten that Trump won just a few years ago.

@twojarslave - good read.

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This is a perfect example of an article I will have to read a second time on a later date. I find myself nodding in agreement too much for my own liking, while also finding myself unable to identify serious faults in the author’s thinking.

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I thought it’d be up your alley. I speed-read it and will also probably give it a more careful read at a later date.

The author mentions religion and I believe it’s true that for many Americans their political beliefs are de facto religious beliefs. Thus, as he writes, an opposing opinion is treated as if it’s heretical. And this is where the politicians have succeeded in becoming more powerful; they have made Americans hate their fellow Americans. If someone says he is pro choice, a typical response is, “so you are OK with murdering babies?” This is an uneducated, uncivil, unproductive and moronic response. You go from criticism of the opinion to labeling the person a murderer. It’s no different than how the woke call anyone they disagree with a racist or homophobe or whatever. It then becomes acceptable to treat these people, these murderers, racists and antitrans as less than human. These same people who are fanatical about their beliefs are the same ones who talk about how they hate this country. Even the ones on the right politically talk about how we need a civil war or some other destructive event to stop the decline of this nation. It makes sense as every utopia started with an apocalypse. People think The Prince is a lesson for those in power to help them stay in power when in reality, given Machiavelli’s preference for republicanism, it’s a lesson for the masses to understand how they are controlled by those in power. There’s a reason why the Catholic Church banned it.