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And the Fattest City For The 3rd Year In A Row Is...

HOUSTON, TX, according to a Men’s Health article.

http://www.thedenverchannel.com/health/1865405/detail.html (take out any spaces)

Hey Shugart, whaddya got to say for your fellow Texans? :wink:

Yet another reason never to visit Houston, my least favorite city in Texas! (In all fairness, I only went there once as a kid. All I remember is traffic and smog.)

Two Texas cities dropped out of the top ten this year too, BTW. So maybe a few of my fellow cowboys have laid off the Tex-Mex (which is basically when you take Mexican food, deep fry it, then cover it with melted cheese. )

While I don’t disagree that there are probably more “beautiful people” in San Diego than Houston, I do question how they pick the fattest city. Some of the criteria include water quality, length of commute, and number of gyms. Not exactly hard data, but I guess I see how it relates. Perhaps “Unhealthiest City” would be better than “Fattest City” in fairness.

On a positive note, Colorado Springs, home of T-mag and Biotest, was picked as one of the fittest cities. It was #1 last year.

I just can’t see how ANYBODY can be fatter than here (New Orleans). It’s too poor and uneducated,for the most part, to have such good food.

Honolulu humbly accepts our position at the other end of the spectrum.


Lee Labrada was on Fox news tonight trying to defend Houston. He was introduced as “Houstons fitness zar, former Mr. Universe Lee Labrada”. He mentioned problems with data and how being the # 1 on the fat list was not representative of the city’ population…

They obviously have never been to Missouri. I’m stay w/ my sister and her boyfriend. Everytime he sees me doing some kind of exercise he says, “People should get muscle from hard labor not from a gym.”
He of course is a 27 year old truck driver with a chest like a 8 year old boy. From there down he’s a “skinny-fat guy”. His favorite exercise is playing video and computer games.

If my sister would let me I’d wrap my arms around his head and pop it like an over-inflated balloon.

Hmmmm…I feel much better now. Finally coming off those thermos.

I looked at the top 10 fattest, and have one thing to say. Philadelphia…aaaaahahahahahaa. Go Giants!!


Ya, I am from St. Louis, were shooting for number 1 next year. The sad part is even now that I am bulking and have let myself creep up to 13 percent body fat, I still am one of the leanest of anyone I know, sick huh? Hopefully Ill be able to get out to Colorado/San Diego/Hawaii and pick up some real fitnes bunnies…BTW if anyone is ever in ST. LOUIS and wants a cheat meal come to Ted Drewes Frozen Custard, its where I work, and its semi-famous, if your wereing a testosterone shirt, FREE FOOD<<

uhh…i feel like an idiot, I meant WEARING not wereing.

I was going to show up werein my Test t-shirt but don’t know how to do that. (Well you stand corrected LOL)