And so it Begins.......Again.

Well, for the last two and a half years, I have half-assed it. Time to get back into the gym, and take it seriously. I’ve kind of floated in and out over the last 30 months. I need to readjust.

May 2006, I moved to Charlotte and joined a gym immediately. I was about 210 pounds. I was about 16% body fat. I had a bench press of 315 for 6 reps, and could squat about 365 to my calves for reps. Not world class numbers, but life wasn’t bad for a recently divorced 30-something. I had a girlfriend who was good to me, and a new job, and a boss that gave me a great opportunity to succeed.

September 2009, I’m still a member of the same gym. I weigh about 250 pounds. My body fat is up about 22%. My bench press is down, about 225 for 8. Squats are basically a mulligan, as I am starting over. Life is still not bad. I now have a fiance who is good to me, the same job, and a new boss.

I think it’s fairly obvious what needs to be addressed. As I get older, and my body continues to lower it’s natural production of testosterone, the extra weight and lack of physical exercise certainly haven’t helped things in this respect.

Once again, I have decided to take up the iron for the transformation of my body. My goal this time is to transform some of the inner Skuhn as well…

“about 16%”


“about 22%”

Just curious… why not 17%? or 15%? and, 21%? or 23%? Did you get it tested, and that’s how you know?

I applaud the resolve it takes to make a decision and a post like this, but I’ll suggest you ask the mods to move it to the “training logs” area.

have some cheap calipers with a chart that translates to 16.4% or 22.3%.

Roger that on the move to correct area. thanks for the tip.

Man, I think a log in SAMA could be awesome…

Got the friends speech. Need to work on sealing the deal. Advice?

[quote]pushmepullme wrote:
Man, I think a log in SAMA could be awesome…

Got the friends speech. Need to work on sealing the deal. Advice?[/quote]

ask for advice on the day it happens, 'stead of 4 days later.

Not very good at keeping this updated, obviously. Dove in. Been doing full body/3 day. Cardio 3 off days. Includes one session weekly of complexes. So far, so good.

Down 17lbs so far. Haven’t taken any measurements yet. Still a long way to go.

Thanksgiving not terrible for me. Stayed away from pecan pie, cheesecake, and yes, birthday cake. Actually, got in two good lifting days (full body split, both times) while out of town.

Didn’t get through Christmas unscathed, but could’ve been worse.

Actually, got a complex on the afternoon of Christmas(felt guilty for mass consumption of fudge and cheesecake).