And she meant...?

I was eating brunch with this very attractive girl I knew from last year (she lived in a building close to mine). We had a nice chat until she had to go to class, at which point I asked her for her phone number. She seemed a little shaken up by the question; I’m not sure if she was just surprised that I wanted it, or trying to weasle out. She mumbled something about “Uhm, sure, if you really want it.” I thought it was hysterical.
Anywho, what (if anything) do you all think she meant by that? And why the hell do women have to be so enigmatic all the time!
I figure I’ll wait a couple days and give her a call.

Well you never know with women, here is how I split the odds.
60% chance- she was just surprised (pleasantly) that you wanted her number
40% chance- she didnt really want to give you her number but did anyway as not to offend you. Sorry I know this post doesnt really help you.

I think it could go either way, depending on how she said it. At any rate, to better improve your chances, I’d wait about 6 days to call

Let us know how it goes

Does she have a boyfriend? That would explain the reaction IMO.

I agree with Jason. It sounds like the doesn’t think highly of herself & your surprised the hell out of her. Call her in a few days. You have nothing to lose. You learn by failing, go for it.

I don’t know if she has a boyfriend or not… I really don’t know her all that well. 6 days? Isn’t that almost rude? But then again, I’m no expert on this stuff.

I know it’s the “macho guy” thing to wait long enough so that the chick doesn’t think you’re interested, but that just leaves time for you to keep wondering. Call her, and see what kind of feedback she gives you. Maybe she was just thinking about something else when you asked her, and she was dazed. There are a thousand reasons. Call her. If she acts funny when you bring up going out or something, then you know. I personally would just come right out and say “…hey, you know, you seemed a little aprehensive at first when I asked for your number, is there any reason?” But not many people are comfortable with being that direct. Best of luck.

Only one one to tell bro…call her! you will get a much better feeling of what happened when you talk to her next. if you ask her out and she tells you she has a boyfriend, then you know why she gave you that reaction. if you ask her out and she says “uhm, yeah sure!”, then you know that she was just surprised that you wanted her digi’s. best of luck bro, and don’t wait SIX days!!! (3 or 4 maybe)

There is no way to know for sure as it depends on the way it was said, and her personality, etc. Call her, and don’t wait 6 days. If she does not return your call after one, or at most two (two is iffy) calls, then assume she is not interested and did not know how to avoid giving you her number

Women make things too damn complicated. Guys are simple creatures. We don’t ask for too much, but women like to complicate anything simple especially asking for a phone number. And I hate it when you ask for someone’s phone number and then you call and they never answer or return your phone call. If you’re not interested in someone, DON’T GIVE THEM YOUR PHONE NUMBER! I’d rather someone just say, “No thanks, I’m not interested.” Or something like that.

As for you, it is definitely 50/50. Depending on how she said it and what kind of body language she gave you, I'd say that your chances are not good. But you were the only one there to see her and how she reacted. Let us know what happens. As for the rule about calling, I keep it simple. If I'm interested, I'm going to call. And I call the next day or the day after. I don't play some stupid game about "waiting periods." That's just retarded. Keep it simple people!

I’d say she was shocked that you wanted it… wait 2 days and give her a call. Don’t wait 6, that’s too long. (in my opinion anyway)

I’m no expert, but wouldn’t waiting a long time, like 6 days, let other maggots get a chance to talk to her? Why would she give you her phone number if she didn’t want you to have it?

damned if i know man…i agree with nate dog in if a girl doesnt really want you to ring her DONT GIVE THE NUMBER! rather be told no to my face, at least there is no confusion.
ie pretty much same thing happened to me last month.
anyway…pissed me off major

Thanks for the advice, guys. I’ll give her a call in a couple of days, and let you all know how it goes.

Don’t wait a number of days to call, call her when you have a free night and you have and idea what you want to do with her. Call her, take her out that night.

I’ve had that phone number thing happen a couple times. One time earlier this summer. That shit is just stupid. Like you, I’d rather be told “no” to my face. Why is this stuff so hard to do? Women. They have half the money and all of the pussy. What can you do?

I’d say she isn’t interested. If she was she would have been excited to give you the number. If she has a high interest in you waiting 5-7 days won’t matter. Think the other way around, if Pam Anderson or Angelina Jolie got your number, would you care if they waited a few extra days. If a woman has a high interest level she would gladly give you her number with a smile. Everytime The same thing happened to me, no dice. A nice smile met with succes.
I recently got back with an old girlfriend. I was seeing someone else at the time, but it was ending. She seemed to think it made me more desirable, not less. Sometimes I think us fellas come on to strong. Believe me, if you do it for a woman, she’ll make herself available.

Same sort of thing happened to me the other day. I spent half and hour doing cardio chatting to the girl next to me-we had talked frequently on previous occasions-so after the cardio I just asked her out and I got the same response. It was like she was shocked or something. Anyway she said maybe in the future cause she didn’t know me well enough yet(isn’t that what dating is for - to get to know someone better?). Whether is was just her way to shut me down or not I don’t know and don’t care because even if it wasn’t I lost interest in her due to the comment about getting to know me. I think she was just immature and probably has little dating experience.

I say #1, don’t wait 6,5 or 4 days. What I would do is find something interesting to do in about 4 days, call her and invite her to that gig, soon. Much better than “would you like to get together sometime and do sumthin”.
Y? for one, If it is something that you are really interestd in and she has absolutely no interest in it, guess what, relationship strike one.
2) It shows confidence. You are picking the venue, you are in control. Lose conrol at the start and the chances are slim to none of getting it back.

There must be some mild interest or she wouldn’t have given you her number. Don’t sweat it. If it doesn’t work out, move on, catch the next bus.

good luck.

If a girl doesn’t show clear psyche, then forget it. If, for some reason, she was apprehensive but really likes you…then just be very friendly (but not too in your face friendly)…and wait till she’s super friendly back. If she’s comfortable going out with you she’ll let you know without you having to ask her.

As for her telling you “no, I don’t want to give you my #”, no girl would say that, it’s incredibly rude. She may not be “interested” but she doesn’t want to flat out insult you. Suppose you were hanging out with some chick that you liked and was OK but you were not attracted to…she asks you for your # or to “go out” what would you say? You’d hem and haw a bit. You probably wouldn’t just beat her down with a “sorry not interested.” People have feelings and girls want to avoid hurting others’.