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...And Sexy Is??

Amen to Ashley Judd.

Easy…when my girlfriend gets drunk and tosses my salad!! :slight_smile:

To Mufasa: Excellent example! Ashley Judd sets my loins on fire!

very, very well put, my dear…

What the hell is a puchero?

Fate28: Estoy aqui de nuevo despues de ausencia breve. Estoy triste para no escribe a su correo caliente pero no lo comprendo totalidad. Dime de nuevo?

Tinman: A puchero is a slight quiver to the chin or lower lip, a pout, an expression of sorrow/care/intensity of feeling.

Sexy is an attitude more than a physical characteristic. Sure, there are a lot of physical characteristics that I find attractive, but HOW they’re carried is WAY more important. Maybe it could be called self-confidence, or good self-image. But I also find that smokers are a total turn-off. I’ve seen a lot of VERY attractive women that do NOTHING for me once they light up that cigarette.

no te preoccupes, guapa - ya sabia que you’ve been very busy lately…sobre lo que me pediste: la primera parte del dirrecion mio es el nombre de mi hija, lola parro, (pero sin el espacio). la segunda parte, despues del ‘at’, es la palabra ‘calientecorreo’. and the rest is easy…vamos a ver, chula, how this works out…let me know.

brown hair and brown eyes. It has been My personal experience that the percentage of self rightious, shallow, blondes is just a little to high for my liking. Also, low cut jeans and a nice round booty. the female body is a beautiful thing…

Friendliness. Confidence. Intelligence. A desire for success. A certain look in the eyes (need a GREAT example, watch for the end of that Coors Light commercial). A desire to live up to more “traditional” sex roles, but still have a successful job. Coolwater perfume (I start climbing the walls at the slightest scent). The best physical feature: great abs. Sometimes my eyes bounce like superballs between a woman’s chest and her mid-riff. A genuine interest in who I am.

Attributing personality characteristics based on hair color is a brilliant leap of intelligence. That’s very similar to those people that assume anyone with a good build is a moron, and we know how true that one is.

Sexy is the chearleader with the tattoo in the Nirvana video for Smells Like Teen Spirit. A bad girl in a good girl costume. The old wolf in sheeps clothing that doesn’t quite hide the wolf look…that’s sexy. Self confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have though.

Just to throw some more of my two cents into the mix, for me there are also these things: hearing her speak another language, a beautiful laugh coupled with great wit, a woman who gives and takes compliments with ease, long legs, how she looks coming out of the shower, the smell of clean hair, when she bites her bottom lip, a great walk, when she grabs me by the ass and pulls me in (you know what I mean), when she cries…

Okay, someone’s gotta speak up for the T-vixens! Sexy is a nice muscular ass in tight jeans; ripped abs; a mega-watt smile and the confidence to carry it all.

guapa, dime si encuentes problemas con la dirrecion…ojala oir de ti.

THANK YOU!! I bet you have more to share…we are all ears…

My Wednesday night workout partner Emily is SEXY!!! No treasure trail though :frowning:

Ashley Judd. Damn right!!! :slight_smile:


A baseball hat with her hair in a pony tail through the back!


I think that’s VERY sexy too, but you know what’s funny about what you posted? I’ve seen a pic of ASHLEY JUDD with a baseball cap on and her hair out the back! (If I’m not mistaken…and maybe Patricia can help with this one…I THINK that in one of her movies she had a baseball cap on with a ponytail!)

She really is a “natural beauty” to me…