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...And Sexy Is??

Ok - this conversation took place among a bunch of friends, guys and gals, the other night. The drinks and vino were flowin’ and folks were chilling, laughing and generally having a good time. Someone pops the question, “So, like, what do you all consider to be sexy?”. Well, if things at that point were good, then the vibe was humming now, boy! These folks were throwing out some goooood stuff: some unexpected, some subtle, some freaky and some as funny as all hell! Needless to say, it was a good time and I think all of us walked away with a bit more insight into the opposite sex. Soooooo, anyway, I thought I would put that question out to T-folk on the forum and see what we could see. Interpret the question anyway you want. What is sexy to you? (I know this must consitute some sort of T-man taboo but sometimes if I happen to catch that a woman’s perfume is mixed with the slightest - and I mean SLIGHTEST - hint of cigarette, I’m feeling the willies in my lower stomach and the sex drive in thrown into 3rd gear…but that’s me…)

orthodontic braces


Sexy: great sense of humor; smart; awesome personality; gorgeous eyes that seem to hold on to yours; nice body in general; knows Jesus.
-smokers kill me too. Total turnoff! Says they could care less about their body.

Hmmm…interesting. At the slightest hint of a cigarette, my sex drive is thrown into reverse. Personally, smoking is the single biggest turn-off in the world. To each his own, I suppose.

orthodonic braces AND vaginas


Poop…oh yeah…Poop.

For me I think it is how a woman presents herself. If she walks around confident, then that gets me goin’. If a woman walks around with her head down, shoulders forward and slouched, bad posture, and just draggin’ her feet along, then I won’t even look at her. Oh yeah, if she has nice hooters too!

I find having an intelligent conversation with a confident woman verrrry sexy! Its even better if they have long slender necks, point to the yummy part down next to the collar bone and say “could see what this is for me?” all the while your palms sweat, mouth dries, and you get the smell in your nose that only happens right before you throw up…but thats just me I guess. (quiver)Moisture.

Long, dark hair.
A nice hip to waist ratio.
A little muscular ass. [ she has to squat ]
Firm, round, breast whit little crunchy nipples.

Come on…ME!!!

The small area of a womens back. A lady in a mans dress shirt and nothing else. My oldgirlfriend Amy.

women named Boobie McBoob and sometimes Boobie McBoobages


That was good. How about Boobarella Boobinski? :slight_smile:

To me, it’s natural beauty…you know…a woman who would still look beautiful even after a firefight, all night, in the mud! She doesn’t need a lot of junk on her face…she can kill you with just her eyes and a smile…

Need an example?

Ashley Judd…

I am a sucker for hips. When the ladies wear low cut jeans, and bare midriffs, and you can see those hip bones, mmmmm… Love those hips.

For me, sexy is sooo many things. It is a tight, hard physique. It is confidence to the the edge (and occasionally over the edge) of arrogance. It is intelligence, articulation and wit. It is in the flash of the eyes, the breadth of the smile and scent of a clean body. It is the brief glimpse of pucheros at a tender moment. It is the deep snarl of a man protecting his woman from another. It is the ability to stand one’s ground in an argument, and it is the ability to recognize the error of one’s way. It is the tango.

Dark haired women with light treasure trails.