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And now, in FULL color.

Here’s what began as a B&W drawing and is now “painted” via Photoshop. BTW: the first time I’ve ever really painted anything this way. Interesting experience.

Wow, pretty awesome.

Do you look like that Patricia? Cause that pic has got me all excited :slight_smile:

One hot picture.

Aside from the more obvious areas of appeal (for a guy), I like the effect created with the lighting and contrasting in the eyes. The combination of the shadowing and the facial expression adds a lot of figurative depth. I love lighting and contrast effects, especially in the facial area. Arnold Newman comes to mind as an artist (albiet of a substantially different medium) who made brilliant use of these effects to add expression and meaning to his photographs. His Krupp photo is one of my favorites in this regard.

Damn, I managed to digress in a hurry.

Out of curiosity, have you ever done any 3d (wireframe) work?

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To reiterate what I said, I liked the expresiveness in the eyes. You made effective use of the lighting and contrast in the face to give meaning to the entire compisition. I then drifted off on a series tangents, mentioning that I like contrast effects, especially those which convey deeper meaning. That then reminded me of Arnold Newman, who used this to great effect, especially in my favorite photo of his, the portrait of Krupp.

My question was, have you ever done any 3d modelling?

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Your too talented Patricia.

I dig the bright colors. Good job Patricia.

Vaines; Nope, don’t look like that. I tend to draw my women with larger breasts than me. Sorry…

E McKee: Yes, I’ve done quite some sculpture. I also like to play around w/Fimo. And I would like to be able to do more. But what’s really helped my visualization of the human form has been my athletic background. Definitely.

Patricia A lot of your female pics do resemble you.

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  Look at that ass...Mmhmm

  And, Patricia, that IS a bayonet the heroine is carrying around strapped in her leg, right...

  Just wanted to confirm, lol. Nice job!

That is one awesome painting. Amazing work Patricia!

Patricia—Nice work! What did you use Painter or Photoshop? Looks like Photoshop from what I can tell. Did you just start throwing down color and blending, or did you use the comic coloring methods of cuts, screening, multiply etc?


I used Photoshop 7. What I did was treat the piece like it was a real painting. And “painted”. Using the various brush options and a couple of filters. But that’s it.

The only difference here is that I used my right hand (the side my mouse was on), occasionally using my Wacom tablet with my left hand (which I use when I normally draw).

If you like that painted style look up an artist named Malachi Maloney. He does some fantastic digital paintings and has some tutorials on his site too that illustrate a painting from start to finish

Thanks, tommyboy. I’ll look him up.

BTW: got my Frazetta documentary Saturday. Just in VHS for now (DVD hasn’t been released yet). VERY good - I really, really want to check the museum out, SOON.

Awe, that’s ok. I can still imagine you like that :wink:

NICE… is that a self portrait??? If so, can I have your phone #? JJ

No Patricia looks much better than that.

I’ve used Photoshop for a few things and I must say, what you’ve done is AWESOME!!! I didn’t realize that Photoshop is so powerful.

To Patricia – Looks cool. I’d have to give it a top-notch grade, especially for a first attempt.

To Squat700x3 – Well, I could give you Ko’s number, and you can ask HIM for Patricia’s number.