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And introducing:

Or Thomas Jane in full Punisher mode. Recently, Access Entertainment presented this shot. Not too shabby.

 Ohhhh man, it's even closer than I thought.  I had no idea they had started production on this one already...I'm shakin'.
 I grew up LOVING the Punisher, but I quit following it there when it hit the dark years for awhile (mid-late 90's).  I still cringe and want to cry when they show that damn Dolph (sp?) Lundgren movie on TBS every now and then.  It hurts.  It hurts bad.
 If I remember right, there was a brief crossover with Daredevil, though I'm not sure if I ever read it or not.  Might have just been a What If? mini-series.  If not, maybe they'll do a tie-in, cameo, etc.?  And of course, the first appearance was in Amazing Spider-Man.  How much ass would that kick to do a movie crossover with those two.  Oh the possibilities.  They really do need to do a huge Marvel epic, with all the movies coming out lately.
 Man this brings back so many great comic memories from my childhood.  The Punisher and The Punisher War Journals...some of the coolest comic book reading ever.  Frank Castle can whip ass all over the place...okay I'm done now, guess I got too excited.

Sorry if I got a little carried away…hehe. I guess I’m a bit of a closet comic-geek. I haven’t been following them for a few years now. Every once in awhile I’ll pick up an issue of Wizard just to see what’s going on and how much some of my old issues are worth. But I think it’s cool when I see something from my childhood resurrected.

That picture is embarrassing, I dont know what the hell happend, but it looks like Jane didn’t knwo his pic was being taken, absolutely horrible.