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Weighing in at 16 oz. You know him as “That Bastard that makes your mouth burn” but germs know him as the Gingivator! Introducing…PLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX!!

And the challenger, fighting out of Long Beach CA, wearing little more than a smile and staring at what she though was “A penguin” when it was actually a seagull… Daisyyyyy Fuentes!

Oh My God, I can’t Believe it! This isn’t happening! Plax has just picked up a ringside chair and is intent on pummeling poor Daisy Fuentes with it, and she’s so distracted by the “bright lights”, she doesn’t see it coming. I can bearely uncover my eyes to see wht happens next!

But wait! In runs Daisy’s manager Ronald Reagan with an Easter basket and a cabbage! What does he have planned?!


Good job Deisel! Not only have you posted a pic that is neither funny or relevent, but you’ve managed to do it twice. Congratulations and feel free to ponder what a poor, poor choice you have made.

MBE: “Rage against the mundane. Since 1973.”

Seeing the cabbage and easter basket from back stage, someone comes flying through the curtains! Who is that? That’s Plax’s manager? And what’s he got with him? Oh, shit! He’s busted out the giant letter Q! I don’t like where this is heading!

drugs r baaad…mmkay?

Just my little way of flipping you the finger. cry on.

Sigh It’s like going through the same motions all over again. Diesel, sugarplum, giving me “the finger” would make sense. And that would be all happy-go-fucky fine. Mister Mackey, as the Terminator, not really all too humorous. Furthermore, when posted in a non-sequitorial fashion within the context of this thread, the picture has even less value.
Suppose, for analogy’s sake, I wanted to tell my neighboor to stop playing “A-Teens” so loudly in the middle of the night. Rather than ring his doorbell and smash his face in with a clubbell, I roll around on my carpet and then take pictures of a parakeet. This scenario is akin to the pic you posted on the thread. Please consider not reproducing. Thank you.

MBE: “In the hearts of some, over the head of many. Since 1862.”

LOL. Get 'im, oh apish one.